Among Us in Smash? Fan adds the imposter to Smash Bros because Nintendo won’t

. 6 months ago
An image of an Among Us character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
Nintendo, InnerSloth LLC

Super Smash Bros Ultimate received its final DLC character in October 2021, leaving players hungry for more. Now, an avid fan of the franchise is bringing Among Us to the game in a bid to create fresh content. 

As of October 2021, Sora from the Kingdom Hearts franchise became the final DLC character to drop into the game. Super Smash Bros Ultimate was originally released in December 2018, and players have been anticipating a new installment as content became thin.

To combat the lack of fresh content, an avid Smash Bros fan has brought characters from the hit game Among Us to the game.

Sora in Smash Ultimate victory screen
Sora’s release marked an ending, of sorts, for Smash Ultimate.

Among Us crossover with Smash is brilliant

YouTuber Alex Blackforst has taken it upon themselves to add new characters into his fan-made iteration of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. With a wide range of pop culture icons to choose from, Blackfrost opted to include characters from none other than InnerSloth’s Among Us.

Complete with faithful sound effects and fantastic props like the swipe card, Blackfrost’s video displays just how deadly the Crew Mate (or Imposter) can be in battle.

Made within Unity, Blackfrost’s version of Smash Bros takes place within his own custom-made stage.

The best part of the Among Us crossover is how Blackfrost has enabled players to switch seamlessly between Crew Mate and Imposter. With a simple button combination, Blackfrost shows how his design enables a quick character switch into a far more powerful fighter.

“You turned the Among Us mechanics into fighter mechanics in a really neat way, and it’s also interesting how you balanced out sus’ mechanics with them taking double damage,” said YouTube commenter Edward Bosch.

The praise continues, as another player speaks on his Blackfrost’s design approach: “Having the multiple colors and having to guess which one the imposter is was really clever.”

It could be quite some time before another Smash Bros game arrives. Until then, we look forward to seeing more wild fan-made crossovers.

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