The Sims 4 Season of Selves: Fashion Street & Incheon Arrivals kit, everything we know

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The autumnal season is upon us, which means there are going to be plenty of new things to explore in The Sims 4 as EA prepares to launch their ‘Season of Selves.’ This is going to be a season for Sims to put on all the hats that define us with plenty of new content to try out.

Although the Sims lets their players create towns however they’d like, EA and Maxis are focusing on the everyday Simmer with hundreds of new options to customize and tailor your experience even further.

A new update to the Sims 4 will usher in two kits for players to opt into, each with their own collection of clothes and build options for the game.

As we continue waiting for any news on Sims 5, Maxis are giving their community a ton of new materials to play with and fresh ways to customize their townsfolk.

The Sims 4: Season of Selves start and end date

The content roadmap for The Sims 4 Season of Selves.

It seems the start of The Sims newest content roadmap coincides with the Fall season. EA announced the Sims 4’s Season of Selves the same day as their Sept 21 PC and console update, so the party kind of starts now.

While there’s no specific end date for the Season of Selves, it seems it could take us all the way until the winter update later this year.

The Sims 4: Fashion Street & Incheon Arrivals kit

There’s going to be four new kits in the Season of Selves – three global fit kits and a new build kit. The first two kits are the Fashion Street and Incheon Arrivals kit that celebrate the styles of Mumbai and Seoul, respectively.

Both have already been revealed and are set to release in The Sims 4 on October 5.

Included with the combined offerings will be a plethora of new styles, accessories, and hairstyles to give your sims a completely new look.

The Sims 4 free update adds 1,000+ new swatches

Before any new kits release, Maxis loaded the title with over 1,000 new swatches for base items already in the game.

The new color options give 149 assets about 1,200 variations and the devs line up all of the variations in their update post.

sims 4 swatches new
Just a sample of the 1000+ new swatches in The Sims 4.

From the Junior Wizard Starter Sets to Bonsai Trees, there’s plenty of new designs for players to truly make builds their own.

EA is just getting started with new content for The Sims 4 as the Season of Selves rolls on with more content for the beloved title.

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