The Sims 4 Moonlight Chic & Little Campers Kits review – Are they worth it?

An image of a Sim in Moonlight Chic Kit clothing on a swing from the Little Campers Kit in The Sims 4EA / Maxis

The latest DLC to arrive in The Sims 4 are the Moonlight Chic & Little Campers Kits, bringing two very different aesthetics into the game in Build/Buy and CAS modes — but are they worth it?

Continuing the trend of providing Simmers with small, laser-focused packs of content, The Sims 4 Moonlight Chic, and Little Campers Kits take the total offering up to 13.

Released on May 26, 2022, each one has a completely different focus: If you’re a fan of adding new CAS items to your game, these looks — inspired by creator Paola Locatelli — scream ‘effortless style’.

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On the other hand, if you’re a Simmer who prefers family-style gameplay and content, the Little Campers Kit has everything you’ll need to add a little whimsy to an outdoor camping ground or backyard — or even just a Sim’s bedroom.

The Sims 4 Moonlight Chic & Little Campers Kits – Key details

  • Price: $4.99 / £4.99 each
  • Developer: Maxis
  • Release date: May 26, 2022
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox

Chic CAS items indeed, but still misses the mark

Feminine frames CAS items in The Sims 4 Moonlight Chic KitEA / Maxis
There’s plenty of variety in The Moonlight Chic Kit.

It has to be said, there are lots of great, fashionable items in The Sims 4 Moonlight Chic Kit — whether you’re looking for a slinky, satiny dress for those date nights or trips to the lounge, or some camo pants and t-shirts that reference the return of Y2K style, you’ll find a whole range of styles here in this pack. With over 20 new items (and of course, the ability to use these across masculine and feminine-framed Sims) including accessories, clothing, and shoes, there’s plenty to mix and match.

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As per usual, some of the items designed for masculine frames end up looking ill-fitted (and slightly triangular) on feminine-framed Sims — see the below image — whereas this isn’t the case in the reverse.

We’d have loved more masculine wear in these Kits, too. While everything can be worn by any Sim, it’d still be nice to have slightly more options for those who prefer a particular style over another. The full-length pants in the Kits are all relatively similar — they’re all wide-legged, cargo-pants based pieces, and those that aren’t don’t seem to be designed with a matching torso piece in mind — meaning you’ll end up looking outside of this Kit’s contents for pieces to pair it with.

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Masculine-framed clothes in The Sims 4 Moonlight Chic kitEA / Maxis
While many items work across both frames, some items are still oddly rigged on feminine frames.
An image of the new buildEA / Maxis
The Sims 4 Little Campers Kit’s catalog of new items is some of my favorite from all of the Kit releases so far.

It’s happy campers all around, but where are the s’mores?

The Sims 4 Little Campers Kit has been designed with a focus on kid Sims, and I’ve got to say that while family-play isn’t something I tend to gravitate towards, I genuinely love all of these items. From the wooden swing wrapped in vines to the makeshift projector for watching movies late at night, there are lots of great items in this Kit.

Including plenty of items to place around the new ‘Cozy Backyard Firepit’ — from camping chairs, beds, stools, and even a patchwork tent complete with string lights, your Sims’ next night out under the stars will be one to remember.

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A couple of items miss the mark — I’m looking at you, ‘More Smores’ and ‘Bring Your Own Pillow’ decorations — that would have been elevated by not being purely decorative, but for the most part, I think this is a great pack (and one of the best Kits released so far, in my opinion). It’s these finer details that would really help to make these items become part of my Sim’s lives and items that I’d actually use.

Smores in The Sims 4EA / Maxis
Why you gotta tease me like this, EA? Give me s’mores.

Rating: 7.5/10

While The Sims 4 Moonlight Chic Kit definitely incorporates some lovely new CAS pieces to the game (the v-necked, mohair sweater being something I’ll use time and time again), it falls short with its focus on feminine fashion, a reoccurring trend in many of the game’s DLCs.

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On the other hand, The Sims 4 Little Campers Kit is a genuine treat, and something I personally was surprised to find as my favorite of the two. If you’re looking for some whimsy to help you throw cool outdoor camping parties for your kid Sims, or just to add a few whimsy pieces to your catalog, I’d definitely recommend picking this up.

Reviewed on PC.

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