The Sims 4 Moonlight Chic Kit and Little Campers DLC revealed

Sims 4 Moonlight Chic Kit and Little CampersMaxis

The Sims 4 is getting two more kits in the form of its Moonlight Chic Kit and Little Campers kit that are due to hit the live servers next week.

Maxis are giving Simmers more tools to construct their dream backyards ready for the hot summer nights. Meanwhile, new outfits and fashion styles are coming to the game thanks to a new Parisian collection with a bit of something for everyone.

These are the two kits EA and Maxis told players would be on the way on May 3. In that same announcement, they also teased an upcoming Game Pack that has yet to be revealed.

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Until we learn more about the upcoming DLC, the devs are going to make sure people have enough content to hold them over with Moonlight Chic and Little Campers.

The Sims 4 Moonlight Chic Kit

For those nights you want to go out in the town, The Sims 4 will have a fresh new closet of date night apparel with the Moonlight Chic Kit.

Maxis got inspiration from Paola Locatelli, of Instagram fame, for the upcoming kit. It’ll feature “flowing shirts and slinky dress” and will be available starting on May 26.

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These kits will be attached to the same price of $4.99 each that Simmers can expect from these releases.

The Sims 4 Little Campers Kit

sims 4 Little CampersMaxis
The Little Campers Kit will launch alongside Moonlight Chic on May 26.

Maxis finally has something for little Sims to do in the Little Campers Kit complete with new lights, backyard decors, and blanket forts with a lot of new interactions to discover.

While the grown ups are out on the town wearing the finest in Moonlight Chic, the kids will be at home watching some flicks on the new sheet-blanket movie projector.

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Whether you’re looking to expand your Sims’ closet or want to create cozy summer vibes at home, the upcoming DLC kits will have you covered all season long.

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