The Sims 4 fans are delighted with the announcement of in-game body hair

Sims 4 Character with body hair smilingLuumia/Maxis

The Sims community is finally getting a long-requested feature with the body hair update coming in to The Sims 4 in the near future.

The complete lack of body hair in Sims can go unnoticed for years, but once the hairless nature of the Sims is revealed it’s hard to look past without a sense of unease.

With the Luumia body hair mod setting the standard by gifting the player base the hirsute Sims of their dreams for years, the Werewolves gamepack made the glabrescent nature of the bodies in-game all the more noticeable.

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First hinted at by the official Sims Twitter page, a hairy update has been the subject of rampant speculation after the promise “things’ll get hairy in the base game.”

As the avid Sims fanbase has adapted to this news, praise has been heaped onto Maxis for “finally” catching up to the demands of the players who’ve been requesting this for years.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be available in the immediate future, with hopes for body hair on the Werewolves when out of wolf form dashed before they could get going.

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Stoking up further interest, SimGuruFrost, a developer on the Sims series, took to Twitter to confirm that body hair as an aspect of the base game is exactly what is in store for players.

The response has been huge to this news, Sims fans going nuts at the representative inclusion this move makes for people across the world, while asking for the developers to remain tactful in their implementation.

“Yes! This is what I was hoping for,” one player chimed in. “Body Hair as a base game feature! Also don’t forget to include it for masc and fem body types and not just chest and arms but also leg and pit hair.”

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With no hard date set for the body hair update, we can’t guarantee when this patch will be implemented, but as more information on the body hair patch comes in we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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