Sims 4 players slam devs for removing useful photo glitch

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Fans aren’t too pleased about Sims 4 developers planning to remove a photo glitch that’s known to benefit friendship gain.

Typically, Sims grow their in-game friendships by investing a lot of time into interacting and conversing with other characters. It’s a process that seems simple enough, but can prove rather tedious for those building a big network of connections.

There’s a Sims 4 exploit that helps in this regard by offering a significant boost to friendship gain. Players need only to introduce themselves to the Sim they’re interested in befriending, then snap a photo of them.

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Two Sims who previously knew little about each other can become good friends after several photos. In a recent set of patch notes, however, Sims 4 developers revealed that the exploit will soon be wiped out.

Sims 4 developers will soon remove a fan-favorite photo glitch

The latest Laundry List, or patch notes, for The Sims 4 runs down a list of changes that should go live in the coming days. In the post, the development team said it’s investigating concerns it plans on solving in this month’s update.

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One concern the team will address centers on the fact that “Taking [a] photo causes dramatic relationship/reputation gain.”

Responses from Twitter, Reddit, and a Sims Community thread suggest fans aren’t too thrilled by this news.

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Said one persion on Reddit, “Literally, why do they do this??? It wasn’t hurting gameplay in any way bc you don’t HAVE to do it and removing it benefits no one.”

A fan on Twitter responded to the patch notes post as follows, “Please do NOT fix the photography causing friendships to skyrocket. I love that little quirk.”

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Meanwhile, other players can’t help but wonder why developers don’t have their priorities trained elsewhere. “Why would this ever be a priority with all the bugs rampant in the game?”

Someone else had a similar thought: “I don’t understand with everything wrong in the game… they decided to focus on one of the few perks [benefiting] friendship.”

It’s not yet clear when the new update will go live. As such, those interested in taking advantage of Sims 4’s photo glitch should do so as soon as possible.

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