Sims 4 vote lets players choose between “Light or Dark” theme for next Kits

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Sims 4 players have from now until May 21 to vote for future DLC Kits, which will include new fashion and build themes.

Released as inexpensive DLC packs, the Kits in Sims 4 usually add new customization options or gameplay mechanics to the game. They first entered the mix in early 2021, with the first one – Bust the Dust Kit – featuring a mechanic that allowed a player’s home to get dusty.

Since then, the Sims developers have unleashed several other themed Kits that typically feature Build Mode extras or items for Create a Sim.

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Now the development crew has new Kit projects in the works, and they need the community’s help to determine which direction to go in terms of a theme.

Players can now vote for the new Sims 4 Kit theme

The Sims team is allowing fans to choose themes for future Kit DLC releases. From now until May 21 at 7:00 PM PT, users can cast their votes for Create a Sim and Build Kits.

For one, the Create a Sim Kit is in need of a Fashion-related theme – one option is the “Rainbow Core Style,” which features bright and colorful patterns. The second choice, “Goth Fashion,” boasts a black color scheme adorned with chains, leather, and mesh.

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The Build Kit vote asks Sims 4 users to choose between the past and the future. Notably, art representing the past theme depicts a Medieval Castle; if this one goes the distance, players can expect to build a fortress decked out with battlements, brick walls, and leaded glass windows.

Meanwhile, the future-centric theme promises “High Tech Futurism,” complete with “out of this world architecture” that will comprise sleek exteriors and glowing accents.

Sims fans interested in taking part need only click the link in the above tweet, then vote for the “Rainbow Core” or “Goth Fashion” selections on page one. Hitting ‘Next’ opens the Build Kit page, where users can cast their votes for the castle or futuristic themes.

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It’s not yet clear when these Kits will become available for purchase. But Sims 4 players have plenty of time to vote for their favorite options.

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