Sea of Thieves: New Black Powder Stashes event details revealed


Rare have revealed some brand new details for the upcoming Black Powder Stashes event in Sea of Thieves, promising that it will be an “explosive” new addition to the game. 

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The developer’s weekly update brought some exciting news in regards to the upcoming July 17 update, which will introduce not just a fresh event in-game, but also some changes to The Arena mode as well. 

In a video posted to the official Sea of Thieves YouTube channel, executive producer Joe Neate gave fans a better idea of how Adventure mode will be impacted by the upcoming patch, and what they’ll be getting up to in the event. 

RareSea of Thieves’ upcoming event is promised to be “explosive”…
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New Black Powder Stashes event details

“First of all, it’s going to be very explosive,” he said. “This is all going to be about Duke sending players around the forts in the world, hunting for gunpowder barrels, for merchant crates, and also stronghold barrels as well.”

The chief producer went on to say that he anticipates the style of the new voyage should “freshen up” the Sea of Thieves experience, confirming that this will be the first of many regular updates to drop this summer. 

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Hunters Call changing in update

The new update is also going to bring a big change to the Hunters Call feature, which gives players the opportunity to make money from raw materials. 

“Hunters Call will have increased rewards now, [for] when you’re cashing in fish, or cashing in different creatures,” he said. Neate also revealed that there will be more rewards available to players in Adventure mode, incentivizing more pirates to explore the world. 

Megalodons will behave differently in Sea of Thieves, following the July patch.
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Other changes

The developers claim that there will also be noticeable tweaks made to game balance, mentioning behavioural changes being implemented that will affect the behaviour of creatures in the deep such as the Megalodon. What that will mean specifically, though, remains to be seen. 

After the July 17 update, these are set to interact with boats a little differently to the ways players have become accustomed to. 

Other than that, we can expect further details regarding the new patch when it goes live.