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Is Sea of Thieves actually being ruined by the pirates themselves?

Published: 3/Jul/2019 15:28 Updated: 20/Sep/2019 14:59

by David Purcell


Rare have dropped lots of new content in Sea of Thieves since their Anniversary update in April, but players still have big doubts about the current meta – with Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g‘ Lazar and many others criticized for choosing to play the game as pirates. 

People may have been unsure about the type of gameplay Sea of Thieves would offer before its release, but really we didn’t have to look any further than the cover art or characters to know just what we should all expect. Let’s face it, this is a pirate game. 

And one thing that’s synonymous with pirates throughout the course of history is, you guessed it, looting treasure. Yet, there’s more than one way of obtaining the riches of the seven seas and that’s what has its online community torn.

RareHaving your boat blasted by cannons in Sea of Thieves can cause real problems.

It’s clear to see that there’s a huge divide in opinion, with player versus player (PVP) action proving to be a lightning rod of debate, so much so that the suggestion of increased incentives for treasure hunters has been championed by some freebooters. 

During a Twitch livestream on July 2, streamer Jaryd’ summit1g’ Lazar engaged in a war of opinions between himself and members of the community. He just couldn’t understand what all of the fuss was about.

A member of his chat commented: “If you still gave them [crews] a small reward you would keep a part of the community that would want to do the treasure hunting,” suggesting that too many players are now opting for aggressive PVP strategies to take loot from others. 

RareSea of Thieves players can collect many different treasures, but Athena chests are the most prized assets of any vessel.

For those who aren’t aware, summit is one of the most high profile streamers of Sea of Thieves and, despite trying out other games from time to time, always seems to enjoy the competitive experience that Rare’s title has to offer. He has bamboozled many players by snatching their elusive Athena chests more than once, and – without question – fans love seeing it unfold. 

The main focus of the debate was whether the game, in its current state, is perhaps better suited to those looking to yoink loot from others by stepping on other peoples’ toes or, conversely, favors crews that are aiming to complete quests to find treasure.

Summit refuted the suggestion that PVP pirating was overpowered, though. “We should not be pirates then?” he asked. “Being a pirate is absolutely, not even close, to being as profitable as people just going out doing quests.”

He added: “I’ve seen Sloops from people not getting into a single PVP fight with stacks and stacks of loot.”

While there might not be a consensus emerging, as of the time of writing, there’s no doubt that evidence supports both sides of the debate. A potential tilt in the balance between PVP and treasure hunting in the current meta, though, has got a lot of people talking. 

It’s worth noting that Rare have worked closely with the game’s community since its March 2018 launch, in order to develop ideas and strategies to appease all types of players. 

For example, those who enjoy PVP action can now jump into The Arena mode – per the Anniversary update – giving those who are interested in that type of aggressive, competitive experience a place to enjoy it. 

Their detractors, though, would argue that they add a lot more than what they take out – a fair criticism. 

RareThe Arena is Rare’s answer to competitive play, in Sea of Thieves.

“The Arena is Sea of Thieves’ take on competition,” Senior Designer Shelley Preston revealed in an interview with COGconnected. 

She continued: “It’s kind of like looking at Sea of Thieves and distilling the best pieces of Sea of Thieves down into a high octane, 24 minute, really competitive mode. But, one that we hope appeals to a much broader audience than perhaps traditional competitive modes.” 

(For mobile readers, timestamp at 3:30 below) 

There are a number of different types of quests players can undertake, which may involve finding different clues and completing several journeys across the open waters to find treasures on land or in the deep, and they can be very lucrative indeed. Some of these chests, particularly the Athenas, can be sold for up to 9,000 pieces of gold. 

After all, that’s why PVP exists. People want to take Athena Chests for themselves without having to put the mileage in and grind through mission after mission to get them. As summit pointed out, there are treasure hunting crews sailing around with much more loot than those looking to take on fights. 

The game definitely offers enough options to carve out your own path and be successful in doing so, with or without the odd battle with enemy crews. Teams even have the option to go for faster ships to evade the chance of coming up against enemies, or working together with other players online by forming their own alliances.

Different opinions have been expressed on the current meta, from both sides of the coin. However, the suggestion that those playing Sea of Thieves should be somehow decentivized from playing the character of a pirate is – all things considered – for the birds.


How Fortnite Season 5’s leaked black hole could save the game

Published: 27/Nov/2020 14:56

by David Purcell


Fortnite has been in a state of purgatory since Chapter 2 started up, with long-running seasons, content droughts, and many of its biggest creators abandoning it for games like Warzone and Among Us. But, if the leaked black hole event is true, things could change. 

The buzz of Chapter 1 has never really returned to Epic Games‘ strange world of silent characters. There has been endless crossovers, no patch notes to show players what they could be missing out on, and generally that feeling of developers being a step ahead of the game is frankly a distant memory.

Think back to the biggest moments in history for Fortnite. This game had everybody talking about the Infinity Blade, and remember the whole streaming space fighting a corner on planes being added. There was genuine hype for each update, and there still is – just to a much, much lesser extent.

Latest leaks from Fortnite Season 5 have included everything from a crossover with The Mandalorian (and three cheers for Baby Yoda), but really it’s the black hole leak we’re crossing our fingers for. In a world of flash of the pans, we’ve seen Fall Guys, Among Us, and there will be another.

But, if Epic Games want to bring back the core audience they built in the first place, things need to change and fast. A black hole leaves many possibilities on the table, and here’s just a few.

Map changes and rotation

Tilted Towers

One thing that is for certain is the need for map changes. The Chapter 2 map has been tweaked and moved around, with new POIs coming in, though if we think back to the tremendous expansions and shifts for Chapter 1 – it’s been insignificant.

Remember how the island adapted and completely froze over for Season 7, or even the Season 8 introduction of a volcano. We had robots being built on the tallest parts of the map, and rockets ready to fire us into space. With a black hole comes the opportunity to take us back to those crazy times, or even have a map rotation that occurs periodically – much like Apex Legends – that allows us access to play both Chapters at one time.

This would mix things up and keep gameplay fresh in Fortnite Season 5, rotating between the two and having them both connected.

New weapons and items

rocket launcher fn
Epic Games
It’s about time classic weapons came back, but that’s not all.

The crazy and often mindboggling nature of new weapons/items has faded away. Every change used to spark a debate or catch the eye. Lately, it’s been as underwhelming and as irrelevant a game than at any other time in its history. It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

There’s nothing really stopping Epic from going crazy once again though. Whether people liked it or not, that’s what got people playing it in the first place. From one week to the next, you didn’t know if you were playing the same game. It changed so rapidly, and a big part of that was mixing up the loot.

Throw a spanner in the works, an item or ability that makes you first-person while holding it. Bring back rocket launchers and take us back to simpler times. Add guns and items we’ve never seen before, to shake up the meta.

Abandon superheroes in Fortnite Season 5, once and for all

Galactus and Marvel hereos in fortnite
Epic Games
Superhero content appears to be approaching a natural end in Fortnite – at least, we’re hoping so.

Last on our wish list is basically to scrap this superhero obsession. The franchise has moved from crossover to crossover, working with some of the biggest franchises in history to bring their characters to life in-game.

That’s all well and good, but has it really made the game better to play? Sure, you can now choose to jump in as one of the Avengers or Aquaman, but the story doesn’t have to be built around that. The great thing about map developments and gameplay differences in the early seasons was that not one person knew what was happening next. You would be glued to leaker accounts and sniffing around for new details.

Next up on the Fortnite calendar is the Galactus event – we know that for certain.

For quite some time now, we’ve known what the Galactus event was going to be all about, and of course, there’s some hype. But it’s all pretty predictable. The heroes will be under siege, pull something out of the bag, and we’ll all escape the world eater by some miracle to kick off Fortnite Season 5.

The first black hole had everybody gripped and you won’t recreate that sense of wonder. Some people thought the game was just ending. This time, if the leaks are to be true, let’s hope the black hole adds never-before-seen map changes.

If it doesn’t happen now, there’s a good chance that when it eventually does happen, hardly anybody will care anymore. This game needs a refresh now.