xQc rages about the worst part of Rust gameplay in streamer server

Alex Garton
Twitch: xQcOW/Facepunch Studios

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s Rust streams have been incredibly entertaining recently and it’s obvious he’s enjoying playing on the OfflineTV server. Despite this, he does find aspects of the game frustrating, particularly the time that’s wasted after you die in-game.

For the past two weeks, Twitch has been dominated by Rust, with all of the top creators playing on OfflineTV’s dedicated server. Although it’s been the source of a lot of drama in the community, it’s also provided viewers with some amazing content.

One streamer that’s been at the center of all the excitement and drama is Twitch personality, xQc. Since joining the server, he’s made it very clear that his main objective is to kill other players.

Of course, whenever you decide to PvP in a game, you will eventually die. Well, xQc has shared his thoughts on dying in Rust, expressing his frustration with how much time it wastes.

Facepunch Studios
Rust is now one of the top games on Twitch.

“You are literally cut off” – xQc

As with any survival game, Rust is extremely punishing if you’re killed by another player. Not only are all of your items dropped to the ground, but you also have to make the long journey back to scavenge what remains on your dead body.

For a lot of survival game players, this dying mechanic is what makes the game so exciting. However, for streamers like xQc, scavenging and running endlessly is not good content for viewers: “In Rust, when you f**king die, you are literally cut off from content… and you have to walk back for 25 minutes.”

He then compares Rust with Grand Theft Auto RP, expressing that it’s a shame that Rust doesn’t have a similar process after death: “Compared to GTA RP, you have content for like an hour… it’s kinda fun to die.” In short, there are no RP features in Rust that allow players to make death fun. Whereas in GTA RP, the hospital and police make dying less frustrating and sometimes even entertaining.

It’s easy to see why dying in Rust can be so frustrating for streamers while they’re live. At the end of the day, they’re trying to create the most entertaining content possible for their viewers.

It’ll be interesting to see if Facepunch Studios take on this feedback and implement some form of RP process after death. We know they’re working along OfflineTV to add extra features to the new server so anything is possible.