Twitch streamer mistakes NPCs for Rust players more than once, and it’s hilarious

Alan Bernal
rust gingerbeardie twitch
Facepunch Studios / Gingerbeardie Twitch

Rust can have a steep learning curve for first-time players as Twitch streamer ‘GingerBeardie’ found out trying to befriend, then later getting shot at, by NPCs he mistook for actual players.

Facepunch Studios’ Rust is a multiplayer survival game. Depending on the server you’re on the rules can change, but in general, linking up with allies and creating fortresses to safely create and store equipment and weapons is at the core of the game.

But getting to that point means starting from the bottom and working your way to the top, and that takes exploration and branching out to new parts of the map to reap and kind of reward.

In that respect, GingerBeardie was doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing, but might have jumped the gun when trying to meet the locals.

But Twitch audiences were beside themselves when Beardie came across an NPC and tried to befriend the character, only to be met with nothing by silence.

“Hey man… Hello?” Beardie attempted, before his Twitch chat played spoiler to his attempt at socializing with the machine. “What is that? That’s an NPC? Are you trolling me?”

At the realization, he buried his face into his hands and had to have a laugh with himself at the blunder. It was a simple mistake to make, and something that most players would do once themselves.

But that wasn’t the end of his gaffe. There was a moment when Beardie was walking through the beaches and came across a Scientist who obviously didn’t have apprehensions of firing at the streamer at first contact.

“What’s up my dude,” Beardie said to the character with a blue Hazmat suit before it immediately pulled out its pistol. “No no, chil chill chill! The f**k! Just chill, man!”

But his attempts to reason with the nonplayer character was futile, as the defenseless Beardie raged while getting shot at since he thought the ‘player’ was betraying the role-playing aspect of the server.

It wasn’t until later that his chat once again reminded him that that was indeed an NPC. Hopefully, these blunders won’t stick with Beardie as he gets used to Rust, but his Twitch viewers sure won’t mind since it provides loads of amusement.