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Summit1g completely loses it on Rust after a never-ending death streak

Published: 13/May/2021 11:39

by Alex Garton


After being killed countless times on Rust by random players, Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar finally lost it on stream and exploded into a hilarious rant.

While Rust’s popularity on Twitch has certainly dipped since its peak at the beginning of 2021, there’s still a number of big personalities that enjoy streaming the game.

One of which is Summit1g, who certainly prefers the PvP aspects of the title over the RP gameplay. While Summit loves nothing more than roaming the world of Rust and taking out opponents with various weapons, he has to gear up before he can do that.


Unfortunately, in Rust, that’s a lot more complicated than it sounds. With aggressive players around every corner who immediately kill anyone they see, it can feel impossible to progress at times.

Well, that’s exactly what Summit experienced on his May 12 stream and eventually, it all got too much and he completely lost it.

Summit1g Rust
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Summit1g has just under 6 million followers on Twitch.

Summit1g explodes into Rust rant after dying

During his May 13 stream, Summit decided to play some Rust for his viewers and join one of the game’s survival servers. Although everything was going well at first, it soon became very clear that getting through the early game and gearing up wasn’t going to be an easy task.


Despite Summit having almost no items or loot worth taking, the players on the server continued to kill him on repeat. Of course, this began to get on his nerves and you could tell he was getting frustrated.

“Bro, this game is just one giant circle-j**k of gun versus nothing… how many time do I die to some random f**k with a gun today before I get started is unreal dude.”

Shortly after this death, Summit calmed himself down and decided he’d give it another shot. Picking up a rock, the streamer began the tedious work of gathering supplies once again in hopes this time, he’d be able to make some progress.


Unfortunately, a player with a crossbow had other ideas for Summit and decided to kill him once again. It was at this point that Summit had clearly had enough and burst into a rant on Rust’s bloodthirsty player base.

“I can believe it, dude, I can’t believe it, people’s bloodlust in this game is pretty much equivalent to real human beings in their actual life… how badly with a crossbow do you need to kill me.”

Although Summit was clearly frustrated at the time, it was obvious he was finding the whole situation as funny as his viewers. His fatal encounters with other players made for some hilarious clips and just shows how hard it can be to progress on Rust.


Whether we’ll see Summit play Rust regularly or never again thanks to this stream is hard to tell, but it’d certainly nice to see Summit being able to fight back with more than a stone or a spear.