Sodapoppin explains why he quit the OfflineTV Rust server

Alex Garton
Sodapoppin quits OTV Rust serverTwitch: Sodapoppin

Twitch streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris has explained why he decided to quit the OfflineTV Rust server, despite only playing for a single day.

Opening on July 5, Abe ‘Baboabe’ Chung’s OfflineTV Rust server made its return with countless streamers getting in on the action. However, instead of being geared towards RP players, this time it’s completely focused on PvP and the Vanilla Rust experience.

This got a lot of streamers excited, one of which being huge Twitch personality Sodapoppin. Despite having a few concerns before the launch of the server, Soda jumped into the game on July 5 to immediately grind and hopefully get ahead of the competition.

Unfortunately, his time on the server only lasted for a single stream before his viewers noticed he had no intention of returning to Rust. The next day, he explained exactly why he decided to quit the server and why it wasn’t as fun the third time around.

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This is the third iteration of the OfflineTV Rust server.

Sodapoppin reveals why he quit OTV Rust server

During his July 6 stream, Sodapoppin was asked why he quit the OTV Rust so soon after joining by a viewer in his chat. Taking the time to answer, he explained that it wasn’t as fun this time around as it felt like he couldn’t keep up with the curve.

According to Soda, he spent hours grinding on the first day just to get his hands on a pistol, when other players had already crafted themselves an AK.

Being so far behind left him wondering whether there was even a point of attempting to keep up.

“All I did was grind super f***ing hard, for the first couple hours, I just sat there beating trees, beating f***ing rocks the whole time, and then people got AKs by the time we got pistols… I’m not even keeping up.”

On top of this, Soda explained that the server was filled with incredibly skilled Rust players, making it difficult to compete.

While some streamers were teaming up with these people in order to make their gameplay experience smoother, Soda wasn’t interested in going down that route.

Finally, he rounded it off by revealing that he doesn’t enjoy the grind anymore, and if it isn’t fun, there’s no point persisting.

“I also just didn’t like the grind, I just didn’t wanna do it again… I mean you got some streamers who’ve got like pros to carry them, but our team was not at that level… I didn’t have fun.”

Overall, it just seems like the magic that came with the first OTV Rust server has disappeared for Soda. When everyone is new to a game and learning together, it usually results in a lot more of a fun experience.

As soon as players begin playing efficiently and start becoming increasingly skilled, it can sometimes feel like a waste of time attempting to compete.

Fingers crossed we see Soda back on Rust at some point in the future, but it’s unlikely to be on one of OTV’s private servers.