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Pokimane explains biggest issue with OfflineTV Rust server before reboot

Published: 16/Jul/2021 12:44

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys believes OfflineTV’s new Rust server should have been more exclusive and similar to the last incarnation rather than what it was before the recent changes.

When it first launched at the end of 2020, OfflineTV’s Rust server was the hottest thing on Twitch. Streamers big and small were jumping on and having fun either in intense fights or hilarious moments of roleplay.

Since the initial launch, OTV’s server has taken on a few different looks – including being split into two, one side focused on RP and the other on PVP.

The server returned at the start of July and streamer immediately hopped on board, though, it wasn’t long before many split off and went to find other things to do, with a few complaints about the number of Rust ‘pros’ that had gotten involved.


Rust characters running on grass
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OfflineTV’s Rust server massively boosted the game’s player count.

Since then, BaboAbe, the server’s admin, has given it a reboot – adding new rules, areas, and much more in a bid to breathe new life into this update. However, Pokimane thinks it should have been made more exclusive.

The OfflineTV star jumped back into the server during her July 15 stream, explaining a few things and touching on missteps. “I did feel kind of bad that OTV didn’t really play on the most recent Rust server,” Poki started.

“I think we just weren’t prepared to play when it was launched and then once it did launch, I guess, at least for me personally, there were just so many people I didn’t know and I was afraid of just dying to random Rust pros and having a s**t time, it didn’t feel very welcoming. I just didn’t feel very excited to play on it.”


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The Twitch star noted that with the relaunch, she wanted the server to have fewer people that they didn’t know involved, as that makes some people not want to play.

“Although I felt bad saying it, I told Abe I felt it would be a lot better to have a server size that is more similar to the original server that we played on, or like The Divide, and I actually said like 50% of the current white list has kind of got to go,” she continued.

Having Rust ‘pros’ on the server was an issue flagged by streamers like Sykkuno and Sodapoppin beforehand, but it remains to be seen if Rust will pick up steam like last time following these changes.