OTV Rust server bans Twitch streamer Ser Winter after PvP abuses


The admins of the popular OfflineTV Rust server have banned Twitch streamer Ser Winter after he controversially ambushed and killed Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam.

While Rust content on Twitch has since been taken over by already popular streamers like xQc and shroud, Ser Winter is a longtime dedicated Rust content creator, with 386 hours streamed on the game. He has over 64k followers, and was a feature of the new Rust OfflineTV server, which looked to combine the dedicated Rust streamers with more popular figures.

However, this collision of old and new hasn’t gone down smoothly so far. With the server being dedicated to roleplay, Ser Winter was criticized for ambushing and killing Trainwrecks, prompting outrage both from Train and other streamers including xQc and nmp on social media.

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Much of the criticism focused on Ser Winter using his advanced experience of Rust to exploit other members of the server and prevent them from enjoying themselves. He initially defended himself from the accusations of ‘clout chasing’, but his position on the server has nonetheless been since revoked.

Ser Winter banned from Rust server

Ser Winter announced he had been “humbly banned” by the moderators of the OfflineTV server, and he accepted the decision.

He said: “Guys, the Rust OTV servers are great for our community right now, and I did have a lot of fun on there, but it’s the end of an era. I’ve been humbly banned, which is completely fair and fine.”

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The reaction to his ban hasn’t been particularly sympathetic. “100% deserved,” while another said, “nothing of value was lost.”

Ser Winter then accused one ‘massive streamer’ of abusing the Twitter block function to stalk his replies. “This is horrendous,” he said. “These dudes need to chill. I’ve been pretty cool about everything, and they’re out here acting like I kicked their dog.”

The server’s admin, Abe, is clearly not happy with the situation, as he later tweeted a lone angry face.

Ser Winter isn’t the only streamer to have drawn controversy for their actions on the server. Zuckles was also accused of metagaming against xQc and has since been banned.

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One thing’s for sure: anyone who thought introducing a new server would end the Rust Twitch controversies will have been badly mistaken.