OfflineTV Rust server to be split up amidst xQc crew PVP drama

Twitch: xQcOW/ Facepunch Studos

The PVP drama surrounding OfflineTV’s Rust server may have been put to rest today as a huge announcement was made. Streamer and founder of the server Abe ‘BaboAbe’ Chung has decided to form a new server focused on RP.

There’s been a lot of discussion recently about the OfflineTV Rust server and how the admins should resolve the PVP drama. With over 50 streamers in total on the server, it’s no surprise that certain members prefer to play the game differently and actively PVP.

However, this has led some streamers to quit the server as they’re frustrated with losing their items and continuously being killed. One of these personalities is huge Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, who stated she was just “not having a good time.”

In order to resolve the issues, it was suggested that members who were killing other players regularly, such as Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, should be kicked from the server. Instead, Abe has come up with a better solution that should resolve the drama and please everyone.

Facepunch Studios
The new OTV Rust server will go live on 1/7/21 at 5 PM PST.

BaboAbe announces new OfflineTV Rust server

In an announcement on Twitter, BaboAbe revealed that he would be creating a new OfflineTV Rust server. This one will be focused primarily on RP and fewer streamers will be invited to join.

It’s worth noting Abe has stated that the original OfflineTV Rust server will remain active: “Original server will be kept up for everyone who wants to focus primarily on competition, PvP, raiding, etc.”

The new server will have specific rules that members will have to stick to, as well as “custom elements to protect everyone and their experience.”

Alongside this, Abe commented on a thread in the LivestreamFail subreddit on the topic of xQc and his involvement with this decision: “No matter how you might be speculating, this is NOT because of xQc alone.”

It’s obvious Abe just wants to resolve the drama and provide a solution that benefits both the PvP and RP players. By the looks of it, he’s found the perfect middle-ground and this should hopefully be the end of the problems

The new OfflineTV Rust server goes live on January 7 at 5 PM PST/ 8PM EST/ 2AM GMT. Make sure you tune into Twitch at that time to see which streamers have been invited to join.