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OfflineTV’s popular Rust server is going to return with one massive change

Published: 2/Jul/2021 8:13

by Andrew Amos


The Rust craze could be coming back on Twitch with the return of OfflineTV’s ever popular server. However, there’s a big change that’ll shift the dynamic ⁠— no more roleplay. Well, kind of.

Rust and GTA RP have traded spots over the last few months as the go-to variety stream title on Twitch. Everyone from Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel to Sykkuno to Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar, and plenty more in between, have jumped between the two.

While the OfflineTV Rust server was originally a hit in 2020, it died down heading into 2021 as streamers moved back towards GTA RP. However, it’s coming back soon ⁠— but there’s a big change that might throw some people off.


Facepunch Studios
OfflineTV’s Rust server is returning with a shake-up on July 5.

New OfflineTV Rust server rules move towards “Vanilla PvP”

Server admin ‘BaboAbe’ has told players the new server will be less about roleplaying and more about old-fashioned Vanilla PvP.

“The server is PvP/Vanilla Rust orientated. You may RP, PvP, just socialize / be yourself. However, just know that you can get killed at any time,” Abe said in the return announcement.

Abe promised plenty of “chaos, deaths, and tears” with the server relaunch being a bit more hardcore than the roleplaying ones of old. However, the same rules regarding stream sniping and meta gaming ⁠— do it, and get banned.

The admin added in his update: “I know it can be tempting but if you are highly suspected of doing so, you may be kicked.”


The server’s return has got plenty of people excited, as it will likely cut back on a lot of the drama that plagued the first few.

Some of the OfflineTV crew are concerned though.

Sykkuno said as much in May, with the super-popular Twitch streamer admitting he’s not a fan of people “senselessly killing each other” in a non-roleplaying server.

xQc Rust bear encounter
Facepunch Studios / xQc
xQc is one Twitch streamer that isn’t sold on a non-roleplay Rust server.

When is the OfflineTV Rust server returning?

The OfflineTV Rust server will launch on July 5 at 12PM PT / 3PM ET. Plenty of streamers have already received invites from participating in previous OTV Rust campaigns, but otherwise it’s a pretty closed ship, unlike the new open servers from NoPixel.


xQc himself said he’s getting onboard for the return, so expect to see plenty of Twitch giants jumping into the action on day one.