Mendo gets Rust stream sniper banned after setting up the perfect trap

Mendo Rust Stream SniperTwitch: Mendo/Facepunch Studios

While playing Rust, Twitch streamer Lucas ‘Mendo’ Håkansson realized he was being stream sniped so he decided to trick the player, and it worked.

Whenever streamers decide to play an online game, they always run the risk of being stream sniped by viewers or players looking to gain an advantage.

While on some titles this doesn’t make a huge difference, in games like Rust, it can result in tens of hours of gameplay being wasted.

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Luckily, on moderated Rust servers, proof that a player is stream sniping is usually enough to get them banned. However, proving that they are doing so is the difficult bit, unless you set up a trap.

Well, that’s exactly what Mendo decided to do when he suspected that a player was watching his stream to stay aware of his location and plans.

Rust stream sniperFacepunch Studios
Rust is developed by Facepunch Studios.

Mendo gets Rust stream sniper banned

During his July 12 stream, Mendo was playing some Vanilla Rust when he decided to raid a player’s base. Unfortunately, despite the attack going well at first, he and his partner were killed after holding the compound for a short period of time.

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It was at this point that the Twitch streamer became suspicious of the players they attempted to attack, as they always seemed to be aware of everything that Mendo was doing.

So, to see if they were stream snipers, Mendo approached the walls of their base and began calling them roof campers, but deliberately didn’t use the Rust in-game chat. Therefore, there should have been no way that the players would have been able to hear him.

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“Yo, why you roof camping bro, why you roof camping? All you do is roof camp… You realize I didn’t say anything in the game right? I wasn’t saying anything in-game.”

It didn’t take long for one of the server admins to see Mendo’s clip and take action against the stream sniper.

While Mendo was still outside the player’s base, a notification popped up alerting the server that the player had been banned.

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“Are you guys ever gonna leave your roof… haha he got banned, he just got banned live.”

It usually doesn’t take long for a streamer to realize that they’re being sniped, but it’s very rare that any action is taken against the players doing it.

Mendo’s in-game voice chat trap was a great way to prove that the player had his stream up and was using it to his advantage.

Let’s hope Mendo doesn’t have to use this trick again, but it’s definitely a trap that other streamers should use to prove they’re being watched.

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