CallMeCarson slams xQc fans after they flood his chat over Rust drama: “Get a life”

xQc and CallmeCarson play RustTwitch: xQc / YouTube: CallmeCarsonLIVE

Carson ‘CallMeCarson’ King is the latest social media celeb to join in on OfflineTV’s enormous Rust server, though it didn’t take long before his Twitch stream was overrun with Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s angry fans.

Carson hadn’t streamed on Twitch in 12 days but his return to the platform has already landed him in hot water. Having joined the OfflineTV Rust server with 50 of the most popular content creators, it didn’t take long for thousands of fans to explode at Carson.

While the server is intended to be safe, with no real fighting allowed, some mishaps have already caused big drama. Shroud targeted xQc as the one who would make the server ‘implode,’ and while he was involved, Carson might have beaten him to the punch.

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Just an hour into his time on the server and thousands of xQc’s viewers hopped over into his chat. Here’s how Carson made a mess of things early on before lashing back at those who piled into his Twitch stream chat.

As xQc began explaining some rules to his group, Carson randomly decided it was time to knock him down. After chasing him around for a few seconds, he hit xQc with a cleaver and refused to explain why.

“I’m making a good impression on everyone on Twitch,” he joked after the crime. While nothing came of it at first and xQc just respawned like usual, Twitch viewers weren’t happy with his actions.

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In just five minutes, a huge group of viewers from xQc’s stream jumped over to berate Carson in his Twitch chat. “13,000 viewers? That many xQc frogs came to my stream? What the hell.”

A seemingly simple action – and a relatively harmless one at that – caused these fans to flame Carson as though the server had been ruined. “What is your deal? He asked. “I killed him… in [a] video game. Get a life. Holy s***.”

While viewers were clearly upset, xQc didn’t even seem all too bothered in the moment. The group went about their business and continued playing together for another hour before Carson hopped off.

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It’s unclear if this interaction will keep Carson from returning to the star-studded Rust server. Adding fuel to the fire with his comments, however, is sure to keep Twitch fans coming back, for better or worse.