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Rogue Company devs starting work on Dr Disrespect’s “Arena” map soon

Published: 24/Aug/2020 22:47

by Bill Cooney


Hi-Rez devs have said they’ll be starting work on Dr Disrespect’s custom Rogue Company map “The Arena” this week, filling it out, giving it textures, and possibly some other surprises as well.

Rogue Company devs initially challenged the two-time Blockbuster video game champion to design his own map for their game on August 10, and less than 24 hours later he delivered the goods.

Things have moved quickly since, and Doc even came out with his own 3D rendering of the “The Arena” a few days after the initial design, once again impressing the game’s devs.

Those at Hi-Rez are apparently so on board with the design that Rogue Company’s lead designer Scott Lussier said in a new video update posted to Twitter that devs would be starting work on The Arena this week.


“Alright, I’ve seen a lot of chatter about Dr Disrespect’s map design for Rogue Company. I’ve gotta say, The Arena? It’s looking pretty damn good,” Lussier said. “Doc, if you’re watching this, over the next week I’m going to have our artists take your 3D layout and dial it up to 11.”

“I’m talking we’re gonna add some textures, and a couple high-quality accents. Hell, might even surprise you with a statue,” he continued. “Either way, we’ll be in touch. Keep the flip phone ready.”

The idea of a towering, golden statue of the Two Time watching over us as we unleash plenty of violence, speed, and momentum in Rogue Company already has us excited, and Doc seems keen as well, replying to devs that he could “already feel the power…… of The Arena.”


The streaming star, who used to design multiplayer maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, explained he wanted to make a level that got players into action quickly, with little to no waiting around.

“My intention was to make it small, the action’s a lot faster, in terms of committing to a lane – boom, you’re in it,” Doc explained during a previous stream. “The decision-making is a lot faster, there’s no waiting around, that’s the goal anyway.”

However it ends up playing, it certainly looks like we’re actually going to get to try The Arena out sometime down the road if devs are already putting in textures and other features. Kind of crazy when you consider it all started out as nothing more than a few tweets.