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Rogue Company

Rogue Company Dahlia character leaked: Weapons, abilities, more

Published: 28/Sep/2020 13:09

by James Busby


Rogue Company may still only be in beta but that hasn’t stopped Hi-Rez from adding in plenty of new stages, weapons, bugfixes, and shiny new characters. However, a recently leaked Rogue reveal has gotten fans excited for the next big update. 

While fans have been busy getting to grips with Rogue Company’s Desert Rose update, it looks like another content drop could soon be on its way. The latest patch brought with it a new prison-themed map, Rogue Mastery, and a revamped ping system. However, many players believed we’d finally see the release of the new Rogue named Dahlia, but they were left disappointed when she didn’t make an appearance.


Details surrounding Dahlia were originally leaked back in July when data miners managed to uncover assets of her in-game character model and abilities. The leak didn’t give us too much to go off of, leading many fans to speculate on what her abilities and weapons would be. Fortunately, Hi-Rez’s latest Rogue reveal video has been leaked ahead of Dahlia’s release, so we now have all the juicy details. 

There’s plenty to unpack here, so make sure you check out all the info below before you go queueing up for that next game of Demolition.

Dahlia weapons

Dahlia loadout
Hi-Rez Studios
Dahlia’s SMG could be the go-to gun for those close-quarter fights.
  • Objection 
  • MX-R
  • Executioner
  • Katana
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Grenade

Dahlia’s signature weapon is her Objection SMG. This lightweight gun allows Dahlia to get right into the thick of the action, melting any who dares to get in her way. Judging from early gameplay previews, the Objection looks like it absolutely shreds in close-quarters firefights. Dahlia’s unique primary comes packed with a blisteringly fast rate of fire and can down enemies within seconds.


Of course, like most of the game’s SMGs, we expect the Objection’s effectiveness to greatly decrease in medium to long-range distances. However, this won’t matter when you can simply go for those sneaky flanks. Whether Hi-Rez will change the Objection ahead of Dahlia’s official release remains to be seen, but for now, it looks like this SMG could be a top tier choice. 

The rest of Dahlia’s loadout is pretty standard. The MX-R is a great option for those that wish to sling some lead downrange, making it particularly useful on maps that offer larger sight lines and vantage points. Dahlia’s use of both smoke and frag grenades allow her to aggressively push onto the objective, while also laying down cover for her allies. 


Lastly, the Executioner pistol offers great damage in the early-game and can make short work of even the tankiest of foes. Snagging kills in Rogue Company’s pistol rounds can be tricky, but the Executioner is incredibly potent. In fact, this gun’s damage is high enough that it can be used in rounds where you wish to save money.  

Dahlia abilities

Dahlia abilities
Hi-Rez Studios
Dahlia’s abilities offer a great deal of versatility.
  • Danger Close 
  • Buddy System

Danger Close enables Dahlia to link up with an allied Rogue for the duration of the round, allowing her to revive them whenever they get knocked down. Unlike Saint’s Revive Drone, Dahlia must be near her ally to use her revive ability. However, this handy revive can only be interrupted when Dahlia’s partner is killed during the ability’s animation. It’s also a lot more stealthy than Saint’s Revive Drone, reducing the chances of your revive being spotted by the enemy team. 


This ability will work wonders when used in coordination with Dahlia’s passive, Buddy System. Buddy System allows Dahlia to inherit her chosen ally’s passive for the duration of the round, giving her tremendous amounts of versatility. For example, by linking up with Dallas, Dahlia can recharge her Danger Close ability upon downing an enemy. While this passive may only be round-based, it offers great offensive and defensive options. 

Dahlia perks

Dahlia perks loadout
Hi-Rez Studios
The Replenish perk is particularly potent when combined with Dahlia’s Objection SMG.
  • Padded Steps
  • Cloaked
  • Replenish
  • Shredder Rounds
  • Stalker
  • Tenacity

The main perks you want to prioritize here are that of Replenish, Cloaked, Padded Steps, and Stalker. Replenish should always be prioritized when you’re using Dahlia’s Objection SMG. This perk will instantly reload all your current weapons whenever you successfully down an enemy, rewarding those that aggressively pursue their foes. 


While the Objection can melt enemies in just a few seconds, its incredibly fast rate of fire quickly chews through your rounds, so having a perk that instantly removes the need to reload is huge. 

Cloaked keeps Dahlia’s location hidden from prying eyes and makes her immune to being revealed by enemies, while Padded Steps silences the sound of her footsteps when she’s not sprinting. These two perks are a must for those that wish to go deep behind enemy lines and snag those stealthy kills. 

Hipfire may be effective in close-quarters fights, but you’ll need to constantly aim down sights with the MX-R. While this gun is capable of downing foes in just a few hits, its reliance on ADS can quickly lead to your death if you’re not careful. Aiming down sights not only limits your vision, but it also drastically reduces your movement speed. 

Fortunately, Stalker removes the game’s ADS movement speed penalty. This may not seem like an overly strong perk, but it is a must when using Dahlia’s marksman rifle. Of course, this perk is fairly situational, so consider picking something else if you’re using the Objection. 

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