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Rogue Company aim assist changes & nerfs coming soon

Published: 14/Sep/2020 20:24 Updated: 14/Sep/2020 20:39

by Bill Cooney


Rogue Company players that use a controller are in for a nerf to their aim assist, according to the game’s director, Scott Lussier.

Every cross-platform multiplayer FPS game seems to have its own issues when it comes to controller aim assist, and Rogue Company has turned out to be no different.

Since the beta was released, players have complained that those among us who use controllers are at a distinct advantage after dropping in, no matter the weapon or Rogue they’re using.

Apparently, Hi-Rez’s own internal data showed the same thing, and on Sept 14, Lussier announced devs will be “bringing down the overall efficacy for aim assist” soon.

“When you’re looking at the differences between KBM and controller, you’re really looking for if there’s a difference in average accuracy, average headshot accuracy. Are controller players more accurate in hip fire than PC players?” Lussier explained. “Those are kind of the main categories you’re looking at.”

According to the former Call of Duty caster-turned-Rogue Company director, the data did end up showing that controller players are actually at a slight advantage in firefights, and that keyboard and mouse players aren’t just complaining about nothing.

“The data has shown us that console players, on average, are more accurate within 10 meters while hip firing than PC players,” he revealed. “So we will actually be bringing down the overall efficacy of aim-assist while hip firing.”

Hi-Rez Studios
It seems like all those keyboard and mouse players complaining about controller aim assist were actually on to something.

Lussier conveniently left out an exact date for when we could expect to see the aim assist changes arrive, but if he’s already announcing it, we would say it’s a safe bet to expect the nerf in one of the next few upcoming updates.

At times, it’s easy to forget that Rogue Company is still in beta and hasn’t been fully released. Hopefully, Hi-Rez continues to iron it out and tighten things up before the full release so this addicting, fast-paced shooter can keep going strong.

Rogue Company

All weapon buffs and nerfs coming in next Rogue Company update

Published: 29/Oct/2020 14:53

by James Busby


Rogue Company’s upcoming patch is tailored around tuning the game’s deadly weaponry. Find out everything you need to know about the upcoming weapon changes right here. 

Rogue Company is filled with plenty of lethal characters and weapons, but Hi-Rez is now looking to shake up the meta with its new update. While certain Rogues have received mini updates, there has yet to be any extensive changes to the game’s weapons. This is particularly important considering Rogue Company’s eagerly-anticipated ranked mode is just around the corner. 

Fortunately, Rogue Company’s Lead Designer has finally given fans a sneak peek into what they can expect when the patch hits live servers. There’s plenty to unpack here, so make sure you read up on all the latest changes before queuing up for your next game of Demolition. 

Weapon balance release date

Dima screenshot
Hi-Rez Studios
The upcoming weapon changes could have a big impact on Rogue Company’s ranked mode.

Rogue Company’s Lead Designer, Scott Lussier unveiled all the upcoming weapon changes via a post on Twitter. While we don’t have any official release date for this upcoming patch, we do know that Hi-Rez usually put out Rogue Company updates on Tuesday or Wednesday, around the middle of the week. 

The changes will also likely go live alongside Rogue Company’s upcoming ranked mode beta, so make sure you keep an eye out on the game’s official channels. Here are all the latest weapon balance changes coming to Rogue Company:

Assault Rifle changes

KA30 (Dima, Ronin)

  • Reduced reticle bloom.

Nightshade (Vy) 

  • Increased body shot damage from 16 to 17.
  • Slightly reduced accuracy loss per shot.

SMG changes

SL-C (Ronin Scorch)

  • Fixed an issue where the level one and two upgrades were receiving the wrong recoil.

DMR changes

D3D-i (Talon)

  • Hip Fire accuracy has been slightly reduced. 
  • Adjusted falloff damage range.

Mamba (Dima, Saint)

  • Range increased from 27m to 29m.
  • Slightly reduced horizontal recoil.

MX-R (Dahlia, Trench)

  • Hip fire accuracy has been slightly reduced.
  • Range reduced from 31m to 27m.
  • Adjusted falloff damage range.
  • Fixed an issue where players would still show up on the mini-map when shooting after purchasing the level three upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue where this weapon had less reticle bloom than intended.

Pistol changes

Spitfire (Chaac, Lancer, Ronin)

  • Reduced reticle bloom.
  • Increased range from 8m to 9m.
  • Adjusted falloff ranges 

Executioner (Anvil, Dahlia, Dima, Gl1tch, Saint, Trench, Vy)

  • Adjusted falloff damage range.

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