Rogue Company characters tier list: Best Rogues ranked

Bill Cooney
Rogue Company tier listHiRez Studios/First Watch Games

Rogue Company may only still be in beta, but that hasn’t stopped a clear meta from forming. Make sure you check out our tier list to find out which Rogues you should be adding to your roster. 

Rogue Co is home to a variety of different characters and each one has their own unique abilities, passives, gadgets, and weapons. However, not every Rogue is made equally and some are much stronger than others. With a total of 13 characters to pick from, choosing which ones to master can be a little tricky. Fortunately, our tier list aims to make this decision a little easier. 

This tier list will likely change as new characters and updates are introduced in the coming months, so we’ll be updating this list to reflect any new meta shifts. Until then, here are all 13 rogues ranked from best to worst. 

Rogue Company S-tier characters


Lacer abilitiesHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Lancer provides plenty of kill opportunities if you’re willing to be aggressive.

Lancer is one of the most lethal Rogues in the entire game thanks to her to Quick and Quiet ability. When activated, this skill gives Lancer increased movement speed, quieter footsteps, and immunity to reveals for a limited time.

This ability undeniably strong and many players have been using it to secure plenty of sneaky flank kills. To make matters even better, her passive (Elusive) allows you to instantly reload your active weapon, effectively diminishing any downtime during your offense. 

Her 24S SMG delivers blisteringly fast rounds that can quickly overwhelm foes in 1v1 duels, while her Striker 8×10 is particularly deadly when used to aggressively push enemy positions. Lancer’s kit is also one of the easiest to master, making her a great pick for both new and experienced players alike. 


Scorch abilitiesHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Make short work of your foes with Scorch’s incendiary rounds.

Scorch brings the heat to any team comp and her flaming hot rounds can make short work of even the hardiest of foes.

This fire-loving Rogue can effortlessly shred through multiple enemies thanks to her Overheat ability. Overheat is one of, if not the most powerful ability in the game as it allows Scorch to set her enemies on fire with both her melee weapons and firearms, dealing damage over time. 

Her SL-C SMG deals a respectable amount of damage thanks to its fast fire rate, but with the added burn from Overheat, it really begins to ramp up the damage. Combine this with a few incendiary grenades and the armor from the Headstrong perk, and you have a nightmarish Rogue that can quickly close out many a game. 


Dahlia Rogue CompanyHi-Rez Studios
Dahlia is one support you don’t want to mess with.

Don’t be fooled by this Rogue’s support classification, as Dahlia boasts one of the strongest kits in the entire game. Dahlia’s Danger Close ability enables her to team up with an ally for the duration of a round, allowing her to pick them up whenever they get knocked down. The great thing about this ability is it has a 30m radius and can be used safely behind cover.

To make matters even better, this Rogue can inherit any linked ally’s passive and use it for herself. Not only does Buddy System give players tremendous amounts of versatility, it also serves to create a lot of interesting team synergies and strategies. If that wasn’t enough, Dhalia’s Objection SMG boasts an insanely fast rate of fire and can down enemies within seconds, making it extremely overpowered in close-quarters fights.

We expect Dhalia to receive some nerfs in future updates, so make sure you use her overpowered kit while you can.


Medic abilitiesHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Being able to safely revive downed teammates is what makes Saint so strong.

Having a Rogue that can effectively revive a downed ally anywhere on the map without having to put themselves in danger is always going to be extremely useful. Saint’s Revive Drone has led to him being one of the most popular Rogues in the current meta. The default revive animation takes a while to perform and it’s not always achievable, particularly when you’re playing against aggressive teams. 

Saint completely gets rid of this danger and can save allied players from even the most hazardous situations, often transforming what would normally be clutch scenarios into game-winning victories. The Tracker Round perk also reveals any enemies to your team whenever you successfully damage them with any rounds.

Not bad for a supportive character. 

The Fixer

Hi-Rez Studios
The Fixer is a powerful sniper that can expose the entire enemy team.

Your Thermal Vision as Fixer allows you to see through any visual clutter to pick out enemies no matter where they are on the map. The cluster grenade will help out while pushing against the enemy team or the point, and once in-range he should be able to pick off enemies at will.

Another side of the Thermal Vision ability is that it turns him invisible while in use. So, it’s perfect for finding, then sneaking up on enemies who are none the wiser.

Rogue Company A-tier characters


Ronin abilitiesHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
A lethal duelist that provides decent intel and kill potential to her team.

This former street racer is a great all-rounder who can effectively fit into most comps thanks to her versatile kit. Ronin’s Ballistic Knife can be thrown onto any surface and detonates when enemies are near, dealing damage and instantly notifying your team of their presence.

While this ability can be a great defensive item, it can also be used as an offensive ability. Simply throw the knife towards grouped enemies or send it flying near those that are dug in behind cover. The explosion will invariably down a target and can even kill weakened Rogues.  

You can detonate Ronin’s Ballistic Knife early by shooting it, so consider doing this if you wish to dish out even more damage. Ronin’s KA30 assault rifle is great at poking mid to long-range targets, making it a great weapon that shines on the current maps. Lastly, her passive hides your position on the enemy mini-map, giving you plenty of opportunities to go for those sneaky flanks. 


Dallas abilitiesHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Dallas can quickly put an end to even the sneakiest of flanks.

This rifle-toting Rogue can reveal the closest enemy for a short duration, giving him insights into their location.

Having an ability that can instantly provide information on an enemy’s whereabouts is very useful, especially when so many flankers are currently seeing increased play. Whenever Dallas downs an enemy his Target Finder resets, effectively rewarding those that go on the hunt for their foes. 

Kitted out with either the HRM-30KS assault rifle or Devotion DMR, he is more than capable of downing enemies with a few well-placed headshots. He also has use of incendiary grenades, which allow him to zone areas with high-player traffic and flush those that are hiding behind cover. 


Hi-Rez Studios
Runway can grant allies infinite ammo and refill their gadgets, a very handy ability to have around.

Runway is the support Rogue that focuses on ammo and gadgets. During a round she can call down a supply drop that grants allies infinite ammo, and refill their gadgets, which can be crucial in longer rounds.

She can also carry two primary weapons at a time, so if you want to rock a sniper and an assault rifle, or a shotgun and an SMG, you can really get creative while playing her.


HiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Talon’s Radar Dart can give you the edge in clutch rounds.

Those of you who have played round-based shooters like CS:GO and Valorant will know just how important vision is, particularly when you want to pinpoint enemy locations and movements.

The intel Talon provides with his Radar Dart is absolutely huge, especially when you have a team that is fully communicating with one another. Being able to see nearby enemies on your radar allows you to always be two steps ahead of them, creating scenarios where you can win gunfights on map awareness alone. 

His passive, Mag Gloves can be used to pick up and reclaim items from afar. For example, if you successfully manage to kill an enemy Phantom, you’ll be able to secure her sniper rifle and use it against her own allies. Perks like Life Drain and Sixth Sense are also great additions to his kit, providing you with great survivability and even more vision-based utility. 


Chaac abilitiesHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
When things get rough, Chaac’s self-heal can keep death at bay.

Chaac’s kit is tailored around fighting off the icy clutches of death. When he takes lethal damage and is downed, this resilient vigilante can simply dust himself off and get straight back into the action. Stim Pack doesn’t just give Chaac a second shot at life, it can also be used offensively. While the overheal effect from Stim Pack won’t make up for poor aim or positioning, it will give you the added tankiness needed to turn 1v1 or 1v2 situations in your favor.

Most Rogues who enter the downed state rarely make it back onto their feet, but his stim makes killing this undying soldier incredibly difficult. The Grit Passive allows him to dodge roll and gain increased health when downed, giving him excellent survivability even when he is at his most vulnerable. Lastly, his SKL-6 shotgun and D40-C SMG make for some blisteringly fast close-quarters kills, so always be on the lookout for aggressive flanking opportunities.


Hi-Rez Studios
Switchblade is almost like a more powerful Dima.

Switchblade has a very similar ability to Dima, but hers is slightly more powerful. It equips a napalm launcher that releases a cluster of charges upon impact. These burn similar to incendiary grenades, effectively denying entire areas of the map for much longer than Dima.

Her Fight and Flight passive means she’s one of the quickest Rogues out there, as she gains increased movement speed with each use of her ability and gadgets. If you like Dima, Switchblade is definitely worth unlocking and checking out too.

Rogue Company B-tier characters


Phantom abilitiesHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Phantom is one of the hardest Rogues to master, but the one-shot kill potential is worth the time investment.

Phantom is Rogue Company’s standard sniper class and she is one of the few characters that can fully ADS when looking down her sniper scope. While being able to down an enemy with one well-placed headshot may sound great, it does take a lot of practice and skill to pull off. Despite Phantom’s huge damage potential, it’s her lack of consistency that lands her in our B-tier bracket. 

Even if you do manage to secure a couple of kills, Phantom’s first-person view (when scoped) does drastically limit your overall vision, often leaving you vulnerable to enemy fire. Positioning and good map knowledge are key to your success, so if you’re willing to put in the time, then she can be an absolute beast on the battlefield. 


Vy abilitiesHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Vy excels at zoning and damaging clustered enemies.

While Vy’s Vile Poison ability offers some of the best zoning potential in the game, you’ll need to have a decent read on your opponents. However, this is a small price to pay when you can melt through multiple enemies’ health with one well-placed noxious grenade.

It’s often best to throw your Vile Poison into areas with high player traffic as not only will this damage all players within the toxic sludge, it will also increase her maximum health thanks to her Leeching Poison passive. 

Pair Vile Poison with an incendiary grenade and you have a lethal cocktail that will shred through even the tankiest Rogue’s health. Vy’s Nightshade assault rifle does decent damage, but sadly it does get outclassed by the other rifles in the current meta. As a result, she can often find herself on the losing end of most 1v1 duels should she fail to land headshots or make use of her Vile Poison. 


Hi-Rez Studios
Seeker is another Rogue that can provide valuable intel to teammates.

Seeker provides invaluable info on the location of enemy teams with his Arrow Scanner ability, which reveals all enemies along the arrow’s flightpath.

On top of that, his Ricochet allows his arrows to deal twice the damage they normally would after bouncing. If you’re a fan of Hanzo from Overwatch, or Sova from Valorant, look no further for your next favorite Rogue.


Anvil abilities HiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Anvil proves just how lethal a strong defensive position can be.

This Rogue is all about anchoring on the point and slowing down attackers as they make their way to the objective. Anvil excels at blocking off key choke points with his Barricade and can even stop ordnance with his Active Protection System. This Rogue also has access to the MLX Maw LMG and C4, giving you plenty of opportunities to aggressively defend and snag those all-important eliminations. 

Being able to deploy cover when planting the bomb or reviving a downed teammate can be the difference between a loss or a victory, so try to save this ability for when you need it the most.

On paper, Anvil’s ability may seem incredible, but most high-level players either destroy it or simply bypass the barricade altogether via flanking behind him. Unlike the other Rogues listed above, we often found he works best in a team with full comms. 


Dima abilitiesHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Flush your enemies out of cover with a barrage of deadly explosive blasts.

If you like the idea of bombarding your foes with explosive rounds, then Dima might be the next Rogue you want to add to your roster. His MIRV Launcher is great at forcing opponents out of cover and into the open, while his passive reveals any enemies that he downs to his team. 

Unfortunately, the explosive rounds from Dima’s grenade launcher take a few seconds to detonate, giving his enemies more than enough time to avoid the AoE blast. Instead, it’s best to predict where your foes will be moving or simply fire it into areas that force them into the open. Fortunately, his use of the KA30 assault rifle stops him from slipping into the bottom tier.


Hi-Rez Studios
Kestrel can bring to bear an impressive amount of firepower for her team.

Kestrel is similar to Dima in that she relies on the large amount of firepower she’s able to generate. Her Halo Drones lay down a barrage of missiles in whatever direction she’s looking.

But it’s not all explosions with this Rogue, she also knows how to make more money between rounds than anyone else with her Legends Contract. This grants an extra $500 per down, which should make it easy to level up before other players do.


Hi-Rez Studios
Sigrid is a powerful defensive Rogue capable of soaking up a ton of damage.

If you have a Sigrid on your team, just forget about having to look for cover. Her Ballistic Shield blocks all incoming damage from the front, and is perfect for pushing onto enemy-held points.

You will need another teammate to back you up though, as she is only able to use her pistol along with her shield, and is easily overwhelmed if two or more players decide to focus her down.

Rogue Company C-tier characters 


Hi-Rez Studios
Mack literally brings a knife to a gun fight.

Mack isn’t a terrible Rogue by any means, but his abilities just aren’t as game-changing as others. Lightbomb is basically a Flashbang with extra steps, and Standard Issue gives you 25 more armor than other Rogues.

He could be fine in certain situations, but overall there’s a better choice for almost everyone we could think of to use him in. Still, he’s one of the coolest looking Rogues around, and able to hold his own once you get the hang of his ability.


Hi-Rez Studios
Cannon’s ability turns him into a massive, slow-moving target.

Cannon comes in on our bottom tier simply because he’s a cinch to take out if you have a teammate to help. His Gatling gun is incredibly powerful, but it’s also either slow or immobile, and if he’s focused on one enemy, it’s not hard for another one to take him out.

His passive is nice for saving ammunition, but it’s not even a sure thing. Really, it’s his ability that holds him down, similar to Trench, there’s just not much that makes him stand up against the higher-tier Rogues.


Trench abilitiesHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Trench’s lack of versatility has left this defender in a rough spot.

Unlike Anvil, Trench really only benefits from being played on the defense. His Barbed Wire Grenade can effectively cordon off popular entry points and it does reduce the enemy team’s movement, but in Demolition, most players will simply head on over to the next objective. As a result, this ability is almost always rendered completely useless. 

However, his Gadget Up passive does allow Trench to carry either two Active Protection Systems or two Tear Gas Grenades, which is great for reducing incoming damage hindering your enemies’ ability to aggressively push onto the objective. His DMR also has a great deal of long to medium range kill potential, but Trench is sadly let down by his overall versatility. While he’s a decent pick for hard defending, you’ll invariably be better off picking Anvil. 


Gl1tch abilitiesHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Hi-Rez may need to tweak Glitch if he’s to stand a chance in the current meta.

Despite being the latest Rogue to hit live servers, Gl1tch is arguably the worst character in the entire game – in fact, many Rogue Company players have been asking Hi-Rez to buff the notorious hacker. Being able to detect enemy equipment through walls and deactivate them with Gl1tch’s Hack ability may seem like a good skill on paper, but most players will simply run an EMP grenade to knock out any pesky defensive items. 

Gl1tch’s can also only use his ability once per round, so if you fail to hack defensive targets like Anvil and Trench, things can prove a little frustrating. If that wasn’t bad enough, you have to be fairly close to your enemies before you can use the Hack ability, which can often force you into scenarios where you get caught mid animation. There’s no denying that the Rogue has a lot of potential, but in his current state, it’s hard to recommend this Rogue over anyone else. 

If you use the best characters in Rogue Company, you’ll be able to secure more eliminations and wins in no time. For more guides, news, and leaks follow @RogueCoUpdates on Twitter.