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Dr Disrespect unveils draft of Champion’s Club Arena Rogue Company map

Published: 28/Aug/2020 23:59 Updated: 29/Aug/2020 9:43

by Bill Cooney


Hi-Rez devs are apparently very hard at work on Dr Disrespect’s custom “Arena” map for Rogue Company, with new concept sketches of the map that finally fill out the Champion’s Club.

At this point, it’s no secret that streaming superstar Dr Disrespect is a pretty big fan of Rogue Company, with the Two-Time Blockbuster video game champion playing often on stream, and even designing his own map for the game.


Devs said on August 24 that they were going to start work on the Arena “soon”, filling it out with scenery, textures, and some other awesome surprises as well.

It seems they’ve been hard at work too because concept sketches for the completed Arena were tweeted by Doc fresh from his fax machine, and yes, it does look like we’re getting a giant statue of the streamer himself.


“The Champion’s Club looking so so so good,” Doc tweeted, and just from looking at the epic concept so far, we are definitely inclined to agree.

There are infinity pools, a forest of palm trees, giant controllers and trophies, all positioned around the centerpiece of a giant, towering Doc flanked by his trusty Lambo.

Doc’s Arena map honestly seems to be shaping up as an actual, video game incarnation of his legendary stream backgrounds and settings scattered around the Champion’s Club Arena. Rogue Company themselves said that a VIP Entrance, Infinity Pools, and Champion’s Club lounge would all be included, but not “admission for little Timmy with the blonde bangs.”


As we mentioned earlier, the development of Dr Disrespect’s Arena map seems to be going pretty quickly, and we could see the map arrive in-game fairly soon, once a full 3D model is completed and play-tested.

The idea of battling it out with plenty of speed, violence, and momentum under the watchful eye of a giant, solid gold Doc hasn’t gotten any less appealing since the first designs for the map came out, and we can’t wait to battle it out inside of the Champion’s Club itself when The Arena finally does make its debut.

Rogue Company

Shroud says using Dr Disrespect Rogue Company skin risks Twitch bans

Published: 15/Oct/2020 13:06

by Jacob Hale


Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has said that Dr Disrespect’s Rogue Company skin could be “tricky” for streamers on the platform that want to use the skin in-game — and could even result in a ban.

Dr Disrespect was banned on Twitch on June 26, and several months later there still doesn’t seem to be any hint as to what he did to earn the ban, with his fans and apparently he himself left in the dark over the reason.


Since then, many peers and critics alike have questioned the ban, with Twitch themselves remaining tight-lipped, but one thing is clear: streamers on the platform, according to its Terms of Service, aren’t allowed to stream with those that are banned on the platform.

For that reason, shroud thinks that Twitch streamers who would like to use Doc’s new Rogue Company skin in-game could face big punishments.

Dr Disrespect Rogue Company skin The Arena
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The Two-Time now has his own skin and map in Rogue Company.

After suggesting that using the skin could even result in a ban for his fellow Twitch streamers, shroud was asked why he thinks that’s possible — and he just called the entire situation “tricky.”

“I would say it’s only tricky in that one part, because it’s like, 100% his likeness, you know?” shroud said. “It looks like him and everything.”

He continued: “That’s why I said it’s a tricky question, right? If it was, like, a gun skin, that’s a little different. But it’s a full-on, whole body… That’s when it’s just like ‘I don’t know’.”


This likely isn’t something that many would have thought of, but it definitely raises some valid questions about how strict Twitch’s policy is in regards to situations like these.

We know that they don’t want their partners streaming with banned creators, but whether this extends to playing as a character based off of them remains to be seen. If it’s an issue, I’m sure we’ll find out sooner rather than later.