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Rogue Company

5 big features we want to see added to Rogue Company

Published: 24/Aug/2020 16:16 Updated: 24/Aug/2020 16:19

by James Busby


Rogue Company may only be in beta, but that hasn’t stopped us from coming up with 5 things we want to see added to the game before its official release. 

Rogue Company’s squad-based shooter aims to rival the likes of Valorant and CS:GO with its unique characters, game-changing abilities, and exciting gunplay. The game is currently only available for those that purchase any of the three Founder’s edition. However, it will eventually go free-to-play later this year, giving those without beta access a chance to finally try out the team-based action. 


While it may still be early days for Rogue Company, the developers are constantly releasing new content updates. Whether you’re curious to see what Rogue Company features could be added in the future or simply waiting for the title’s free-to-play release, then be sure to check out the article below. 

1. Killcam / play of the game

Rogue Company killcam
HiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Having a killcam would certainly make spotting suspect plays easier.

As of writing, there is no way to see how you died in Rogue Company – aside from the killfeed. Having a killcam would not only help to eliminate hackers from the game, it would also give players a better understanding of where they went wrong. Being able to pinpoint the exact moment you died can help improve your general map awareness, positioning, and how you can prevent such mistakes from happening in future rounds. 


We’d also love to have a play of the game system that allows us to view the best moment from a particular round. After all, being able to flex those clutch 1v4 moments and scintillating plays over your foes is part of the fun, especially in competitive shooters where a lot can happen. 

2. More Rogues

Rogue Company Rogues
HiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Adding more Rogues to the roster will keep the meta fresh.

There are currently 13 characters available in the Rogue Company’s beta, but this number is likely to grow as new content updates are rolled out. We don’t just want to see the standard duelists or defender archetypes either. While playing characters with simple archetypes are fun to play, it would be great to have more unique abilities and gadgets added in the future. 


After all, the core feature that separates Rogue Company from other third-person shooters is its use of unique characters and abilities. It would be great to see more variation implemented between each Rogue’s release, especially when so many characters do the same thing. 

3. New game modes

Rogue Company game modes
HiRez Studios/First Watch Games
While Demolition and Extraction are good fun, they do get a little repetitive.

While the Extraction limited-time mode proved popular among players, it didn’t really shake things up. Rogue Company’s core Demolition mode sees one team defending two bombsites, while the other team must infiltrate and plant the explosive. The team that successfully manages to either wipe out the enemy or destroy the objective wins. 

It’s pretty simple stuff and it works incredibly well. However, we want to see more modes added that mix up the current gameplay. Having standard TDM, capture the flag, and free-for-all modes would be great for those that wish to have a more casual experience. Having a playlist that queues you up for a variety of modes would also be a great way to experience everything the game has to offer. 


4. Map vote option

Rogue Company map selection
HiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Map selection would allow players to consistently play the game’s best maps.

One of the biggest complaints from current Rogue Company players is the lack of a map vote option. The current rotation of maps is pretty small (8 total), and while this will likely change in future updates, we still don’t have a way to play on our favorite arenas. Having a simple feature like this would ensure the community has a better chance of choosing new maps when they drop. 

Not only will this help alleviate the current tedium of playing the same stage multiple times, it will also allow players to tailor their vote around the Rogue they wish to choose. After all, there’s nothing worse than playing on Canals for the fifth time in a row.  


5. Earnable Cosmetics

Rogue Company Cosmetics
HiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Cosmetics are pretty non-existent, but things could change in the future.

Rogue Company’s cosmetics are pretty light on the ground at the moment, but this will likely change when First Watch adds the item shop into the game. Currently, players can earn in-game currency by simply playing the game. The better you do in each round, the more Reputation you gain. 

Completing the game’s daily challenges also rewards you with a decent amount of Reputation, which can then be used to purchase new Rogues. However, it would be great if you could earn weapon camos, sprays, wingsuits, and Rogue skins by completing various challenges. After all, being rewarded for your in-game time and efforts is always a good thing, particularly when you get to show your hard-earned rewards off to your opponents.