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Rocket League team completely turns on each other in heated argument

Published: 20/Jan/2020 21:38

by Eli Becht


Rocket League esports are often considered as one of the most fun events to watch – at least when the teams don’t turn on each other in lengthy arguments, that is.

One of the things that make Rocket League events so exciting is the fact that anybody could sit down and quickly figure out what’s going on. All that you need to know is teams get a point each time they score on the opposing team.

However, when things like MMR, the game’s matchmaking system, are brought up, things can start to get a bit messy for the casual fan. We saw this get mentioned, along with a plethora of other things in an example of what not to do when playing with your team.


Psyonix - Rocket League
Rocket League can get very competitive.

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After becoming frustrated with his teammate, Twitch streamer scapegoatrl let everything loose, which led to a sequence of events where the whole team flamed each other for several minutes.

One of scapegoat’s teammates backed out of the Discord call because he didn’t “feel like getting roasted” anymore, but he was told to “stfu and stop bein a lil b*tch.”


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The teammate re-entered the call and all bets were off. The two argued for a little bit before the fact scapegoat goes to his girlfriend’s house when the team is trying to practice was brought up.


“Maybe you shouldn’t f**king go to your girlfriend’s house when we’re trying to coach then,” they roared.

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The team bickered on and off for a while, and even went viral after a compilation of moments from the stream was put together in a clip on Twitter.

Things escalated to a point where scapegoat’s love for Rocket League came into question when he blasted his teammate for being bad at the game.

“I don’t give a sh*t about being terrible, bro,” his teammate said. “Your whole life is Rocket League. F**k you.”


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Teams have disagreements all the time and often it could be used as a learning experience. However, it seems safe to say that nothing was learned of value here.

Whether they can put their differences aside and play together again remains to be seen, but it certainly appears like this has created a massive rift.