Rocket League Rocket Pass 6 released: rewards, cost, challenges, more

Isaac McIntyre
Rocket League Rocket Pass 6 rewards challenges cost

Rocket League’s new Rocket Pass 6 for Season 14 has finally been released, and we’ve got everything you need to know ⁠— from the rewards on offer, to how much the premium item package will set you back.

With Season 13 coming to an end on March 25, Rocket League is again in the midst of the swap to a new season. That means Psyonix is also getting ready to drop the sixth Rocket Pass, which will be Neo Tokyo-themed.

If you want to learn more about the battle pass, we’ve compiled everything we know so far so you can make sure to get the most value out of it as possible.

The new Rocket Pass 6 will boast plenty of futuristic new cars and decals to fit the Season 14 Neo Tokyo theme.

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What is the Season 14 Rocket Pass?

This season’s Rocket Pass will be based around a Neo Tokyo theme, and led by the flagship new cyber-inspired car ‘Ronin,’ which made its stunning debut in the world of Rocket League in the Rocket Pass 6 announcement trailer.

Rocket Pass 6 will make up part of the Season 14 refresh in Rocket League’s sixth year. Just by playing Psyonix’s adrenaline-fuelled car-cross-football game, players will earn experience that goes towards getting special rewards.

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How much will Rocket Pass 6 cost?

Rocket Pass 6 has two tracks: the Free track, and the Premium track. The Free track is pretty self-explanatory ⁠— you won’t need to pay a cent to earn those rewards. 

The Premium track will set players back 1000 credits (USD $9.99). Players can also “hack” their way to a 12-tier boost for 2000 credits.

If you decide to buy the Rocket Pass Premium track halfway through completing the Free track, you will also receive all previous rewards from the paid side too.

Expect bright lights, neon beams, and dark shadows as Rocket League descends into Neo Tokyo this season.

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How many tiers are in Rocket Pass 6?

There will be 70 tiers in the Pass. There will be rewards for all 70 tiers in the Premium track. Free track players will only have access to limited rewards. These include the Checkmate Topper, Hex Fade Trail, and Mammoth decals.

As per usual, the Rocket Pass tiers take the same amount of time to level as a normal rank, around 20,000 experience. These can be sped-through quicker, however, by the weekly pass challenges released from March 25.

Keep in mind these are split into three Free challenges, available for all, and three Premium challenges for those that purchased the full Battle Pass 6.

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Rocket Pass Challenges: Week 1

  • First Steps: Gain 1 XP Level
  • Keepin’ It Casual ⁠— Get 20 Saves, Assists, or Goals in Casual Matches
  • Hey, I’m Doing It! ⁠— Use “I got it!” or “Defending…” Quick Chats in 10 Matches
  • Premium: New Ride ⁠— Play 3 Matches with any version of the Ronin Battle-Car
  • Premium: Extravagant ⁠— Play 5 Matches in any Extra Modes Playlist
  • Premium: Shoot Your Shots ⁠— Accumulate 50 Shots in any Playlist
Screenshot: Psyonix
The first week of free and premium Rocket Pass 6 challenges.

What rewards are available in Rocket Pass 6?

More than 70 rewards will be on offer in Rocket Pass 6 between the lengthy reward-loaded Premium track, and the all-access Free line as well.

Rewards will include cars, rare decals, goal celebrations, toppers, experience boosts, boost trails, as well as a number of rare “Pro Rewards” players can access beyond Level 70 ⁠— the top tier of the Rocket Pass.

Players purchasing the Premium track will automatically be given the new Ronin car for their unlock purchase. That’s not the only sweet new ride in the pass, however. ⁠A brand-spanking-new Ronin GTX also lies in wait at Level 70.

While not every one of the near-100 reward items has been revealed by Psyonix yet, we did get a glimpse of a few more too. Players will be able to scoop up cool items like a HoloData Boost, UFO Engine Audio, and the Rad Rock Goal Explosion.

When will Season 14’s Rocket Pass 6 be released?

The Neo Tokyo-themed Rocket Pass 6 will be released on March 25, according to Psyonix’s official teaser trailer. The premium rewards season pass will be available in-game until July 15, so you’ve got plenty of time to grind.

The launch will also coincide perfectly with the end of the Season 13 series. Season 13 is expected to end on Wednesday, March 25. There is also expected to be a tiny break between competitive seasons, as per usual in Rocket League.