Rocket League Grand Champ explains how to perform insane 180 wavedash flick

. 2 years ago
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Rocket League players are always looking for inventive ways to get the ball across their opponent’s goalposts, making this variation of a 180 wavedash flick an invaluable move to master.

Reddit user ‘semxi,’ who describes themselves as a Grand Champion, shared a gameplay clip of them stringing together a few tricks to squeak the ball past a defender in a Ranked 1v1.

To pull off the move, they combined the elements of a couple of well-known Rocket League mechanics, namely the Breezi flick (named after pro player George ‘Breezi’ Rusiecki), a 180-degree turn, and a wavedash backflip to cap off the goal.

semxi via Reddit
Instead of completing the breezi flick, semxi mixed up the move with an insane wavedash 180.

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After dribbling a botched shot from their opponent, semxi controlled the ball on top of their car as they took it down the field to line up a shot.

Before the halfway part of the pitch, they started with the first part of a breezi flick by popping up the ball while tornado spinning as it floated above them.

Instead of completing the breezi, they landed on their front left wheel at the halfway mark of the field and slid into a 180-wavedash that resulted in a light backflip tap to thrust the ball toward the net.

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The entire sequence is incredible to watch in real-time, but slowing down the clip shows just how much precision was required to successfully pull off the trick.

The player was relieved to hit the flick since it admittedly took a bit of luck on the opponent’s decision-making to get the window of opportunity to nail the shot.

“Yes, it was quite lucky that the guy left after he messed up his freestyle,” semxi said. “It gave me an opportunity to hit this shot that I thought I would never hit.”

semxi via Reddit
The Rocket League player’s trick managed to squeak into the goal just out of the defender’s reach.

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Instead of shadowing semxi to possibly throw off their possession, the opponent went for a full rotation on the outside of the field – giving the player just enough room to bank it near the top right corner of the goal.

Landing this mechanic on a constant basis seems situational and incredibly difficult to master, but it would make for one of the most powerful tools for Rocket League players to take into their games.

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