How to get Rocket League Alpha Boost: Item cost & rarity explained

car using alpha boostPsyonix

Alpha Boost is an object of affection for many Rocket League players. It’s incredibly difficult to acquire but looks amazing if it’s spewing out the back of your car.

Rocket League is not only one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world, but also a competitive esports title. The idea of small cars spliced with football is such a simple concept, yet the team at Psyonix have crafted a universally loved game.

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The game has also had tie-ins to many film and game franchises making for some entertaining content to buy. Yet, it’s one of the game’s very first items that players crave more than anything – Alpha Boost.


rocket league alpha boostPsyonix
The sacred Alpha Boost item itself.

What is Rocket League’s Alpha Boost?

Alpha Boost is one of the game’s very first sets of rewards that players could earn for taking part in Rocket League’s alpha phase testing. It’s not the real name for the item, just a term bestowed upon it by the community. Alpha Boost’s real name is “Gold Rush (Boost).”

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Rocket League cars can be customized in a great number of ways, one of which is the substance and color of the car’s boost. Alpha Boost is a rather standard, thinner stream of fire that has pretty much been made obsolete by many other boost variations, but the prestige and extreme rarity of the item have made it extremely desirable.

How to get Alpha Boost in Rocket League

The only way that players can get themselves the rare Alpha Boost is by trading. This will mean parting with a lot of credits, and it will be out of reach for many players.

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car smashing ball into goal in rocket leaguePsyonix
Customizable cars make the chaos of Rocket League even more fun!

How much does Alpha Boost cost in Rocket League?

Unfortunately, even with fluctuating prices, players that are keen for Alpha Boost will be looking to pay in the region of 800K-1 Million Credits.

As we said, this is likely going to be too expensive for many and is essentially a collectible for the most hardened Rocket League fans and collectors.

Why is Alpha Boost so rare in Rocket League?

With the item being limited to Rocket League’s alpha testing, it means that new versions of Alpha Boost cannot be obtained anymore and it’s never been available to buy in the shop. So the quantity of Alpha Boost items is very limited.

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As with everything supply and demand affects the price of Alpha Boost, so we wouldn’t expect this item to ever be cheap unless it gets a limited-release in the shop.

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