Everything coming in Rocket League Season 7: New arena, Rocket Pass, Anniversary Event

Rocket League Season 7 promo artPsyonix

Rocket League is coming up on its seventh birthday and Psyonix is ready to treat players to a taste of the high life with their new  Gilded arena variant, Rocket Pass, and upcoming Anniversary Event. 

Psyonix has confirmed that RL Season 7 is on the way and they also gave players a quick peak at what to expect when it arrives.

This new era of the game will bring a touch of class and decorum never before seen in the internet’s favorite car soccer sim and there’s a ton of shiny new additions.

Rocket League Season 7 details

Rocket League Season 7 adPsyonix
It’s a touch of gold for Rocket League Season 7 and the rewards are thematically appropriate.

The classic Utopia Coliseum arena is getting a major rework in the form of the Gilded variant, which adds a touch of the high life to the familiar pitch.

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This goes hand in hand with the brand new Rocket Pass which invites players into Rocket League’s upper crust with rewards like the all new Maestro Car, Aquarium Player Banner, Carat Cutter Wheels and Marble Floor Decal.

Additionally, there will be new Gold Painted items in the Pro Tiers (70+) which will add to the ritzy Gatsby-style theme that dominates this season.

Psyonix has also teased a new Anniversary event that will be held later in the summer of 2022 to commemorate the game’s seventh birthday.

Details are still sparse on what it will contain, but like past anniversary events, it’s sure to contain some unique rewards that can only be unlocked during its course.

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Players can dive in and experience the luxury of Rocket League’s new Gilded Age on June 15.