Shindo Life spawn times list (September 2022): Tailed Spirits, weapons, Sub Abilities & more

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Finding what you need from Roblox’s Shindo Life can be a real challenge. Luckily, once you know the spawn time and location, you’re searching days are over.

Shindo Life is an exciting RPG based on the legendary Naruto. Due to the game’s anime style, you can expect to see a lot of fighting and plenty of useful loot, abilities, and weapons. While that’s great for customization and increasing your power, finding a specific item can be a real challenge, especially when you don’t know where to find it or when it spawns.

Luckily, there are methods to finding such items. Each has its own spawn time and can be found in a specific location. Simply head over there, wait for the right time and the item will be yours. Here are all the spawn times for Sub Abilities, Ninja tools, and companions.

From the offset, it’s worth mentioning that these timings are in ET so will need to be altered to your own timezone.

Shindo Life Sub Abilities spawn times & locations

Shindo Life cover imageRoblox Corp / RELL World
Sub Abilities are powerful jutsus that can be wonderful if you find them at the right time and place.
Sub AbilityLocationSpawn Time
Air ControlDunes7:15
Akuma True Samurai Spirit  War ModeWave 10
Bankai SpiritWar ModeWave 15
Bat cursed spiritForest of Embers2:15
Body replacementHaze5:20
Cobra spirit awakenObelisk2:35
Confusion illusion techniqueStorm8:10
Cloak spiritNimbus7:35
Dunes fate spiritDunes4:30
Demonic spiritHaze2:45
Demon warpForest of Embers2:45
Ember fate spiritEmber5:25
Exploding vanishing imageForest of Embers6:30
Eagle companionNimbus9:15
Frog spirit awakenEmber2:45
Finite strength spiritTraining Grounds2:45
Flame controlEmber5:10
Fire shurikensForest of Embers9:30
Forged spiritWar Modewave 15
Hidden surpriseTraining Grounds1:50
Heavenly wallObelisk3:10
Haze fate spirit Haze6:20
Heavenly spiritDunes6:45
Inner gate spiritEmber3:30
Liquid controlHaze3:20
Lightning shurikensTraining Grounds10:10
Mastered frog spiritEmber2:45
Medical mode-transferEmber11:35
Multi-vanishing clonesEmber12:25
Nimbus fate spiritNimbus8:10
Obelisk fate spiritObelisk7:30
Peekaboo jutsuTraining Grounds11:20
Raion spiritWar Modewave 15
Riser spiritWar Modewave 15
Reptile cursed spiritStorm12:20
Reality talkStorm5:35
Reality style: warpEmber12:45
Reaper spiritForest of Embers8:25
Spirit bomb-shurikenEmber2:45
Shockslam techniqueObelisk3:35
Shock style: electro bladeEmber3:55
Spirit spearTraining Grounds1:30
Satori spiritWar Modewave 15
Shock controlNimbus9:25
Stone controlObelisk12:35
Snail spirit awakenObelisk5:20
Specialist spiritEmber5:35
Senko: stormObelisk5:40
Spider cursed spiritTraining Grounds2:20
Spirit bomb-shuriken tossNimbus2:45
Shock style: dual electroForest of Embers2:45
Super odama spirit bombForest of Embers2:45
Senko: spirit bombEmber4:15
Tree illusion techniqueEmber7:15
Vanishing imageEmber2:45
Vanishing spirit bombForest of Embers4:25
Vanishing clone: barrageEmber4:40
Wind Style: odama spirit bombTraining Grounds1:30
Water Vanishing ImageObelisk5:15

Shindo Life Tailed Spirits spawn times & locations

Tailed SpiritsRoblox Corp / RELL World
Find and fight the legendary Tailed Spirits.
NameLocationSpawn Time
Chu tailed spiritDunes7:10
Gai tailed spiritNimbus8:25
Isu tailed spiritHaze9:30
Kor tailed spiritEmber6:10
Ku tailed spiritObelisk12:10
Mao tailed spiritNimbus3:10
Su tailed spiritDunes3:30
Sei tailed spiritHaze10:10
Sun tailed spiritObelisk11:30
Tyn tailed spiritWar ModeWave 20
Rab tailed spiritTempest Village4:20

Weapons spawn times & locations

Shindo life coverRoblox Corp / RELL World
Fight with power and fantastic weapons in Shindo Life.
NameLocationSpawn Time
Acrobat StyleNimbus Village9:15
Air Style FanDunes Village6:25
Alphirama BladeObelisk Village9:40
Apollo BladeThe Narumaki Bridge1:45
Azim Dual SenkoEmber Village2:50
Bankai BladeTraining Fields3:25
Bat Toss HalloweenStorm Village3:20
Bomb BladeHaze Village12:10
Bubble FluteHaze Village1:40
Candy BladeHaze Village5:15
Chi KunaiEmber Village2:45
Chi Rod TossStorm Village1:25
Christmas ShizenNimbus Village4:25
Dagai SwordDunes Village6:40
Demon TossHaze Village2:40
Demon-ScytheDawn Hideout12:40
Dio Senko BladeEmber Village3:35
Dual Chi RodsStorm Village6:20
Dual LightningHaze Village9:20
Dual-Bladed ScytheHaze Village9:45
Dunes Chi BladeDunes Village1:25
Electro BladeDunes Village5:50
Ember Chi BladeEmber Village12:25
Firework KatanaEmber Village4:45
Forged Umpire FanDawn Hideout12:00
Grass TantoDawn Hideout11:20
HamaxeHaze Village9:10
Haze Chi BladeHaze Village3:25
Heaven BladeTempest Village4:15
Ice ShurikenHaze Village10:05
Kokotsu BladeObelisk Village4:10
Moon StaffForest of Embers1:30
Nimbus Chi BladeNimbus Village2:25
Nimbus SwordNimbus Village7:25
Obelisk Chi BladeObelisk Village11:25
Pika BladeTempest Village8:32
Raion BladeObelisk Village5:25
Riser Akuma BladeTempest Village7:44
RiserdawnHaze Village8:55
Rykan BladeHaze Village5:10
Saberu TantoTraining Fields2:20
Samurai TantoNimbus Village7:45
Satori BladeEmber Village5:10
Savage BladeObelisk Village11:25
Senko KunaiEmber Village3:10
Shark SwordDawn Hideout1:10
Shindai Prime BladeShindai Valley4:25
Shindai Umpire FanDawn Hideout4:15
Shindo BladeNimbus Village7:55
Shiver TantoForest of Embers5:45
Shizen RaijinEmber Village6:15
Slayer BladeHaze Village8:40
Sound FluteObelisk Village7:40
Stone BusterObelisk Village10:40
Sun StaffTraining Fields3:15
Thread BladeHaze Village9:30
Triple Cobalt BladeObelisk Village10:25
Two Bladed ScytheObelisk Village11:40
Umpire GuitarObelisk Village11:10

Companions spawn times & locations

Shindo Life companionRoblox Corp
Find the best companions to be at your side.
Companion NameLocationSpawn Time
Ash Nimbus10:30
BankaiForest of Embers9:45

Shindo Life despawn times

Unfortunately, despite each item and companion having a specific spawn time, they do not last forever and will despawn eventually.

You have 25 minutes since the original spawn to find the item. You’ll also need to keep an eye out when the hour changes since they will despawn on this change.

Those are all the current spawn times present within Shindo Life. While waiting for your favorite Ninja Tool to spawn why not check out our Roblox hub for more news, guides, and codes. Or, try out some of these other guides:

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