Roblox SharkBite codes (October 2022): How to get free Shark Teeth

Sharkbite cover imageAbracadabra / Roblox Corp.

If you’re looking for some active Roblox SharkBite codes so you can be more effective as a shark or a hunter without spending tons of money, look no further than our list of active SharkBite codes for October 2022.

SharkBite is a Roblox survival experience that pits a killer shark against a fleet of hunters. One player gets to be the shark, while other players spawn in their boats and attempt to stop the shark from taking them down. It’s exciting to play without spending any money, but with a few codes, you can make the game go a little more in your favor.

SharkBite codes can grant you free Shark Teeth, a currency that allows you to buy items, bonuses, upgrades, and more. Thankfully, there are some useful SharkBite codes for you to use in October 2022, so be sure to grab them before they go.

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Updated September 30, 2022, to confirm code validity. No new codes were released.


SharkBite codes in Roblox (October 2022)

Here are all the newest SharkBite codes you can claim in-game, which have been checked and confirmed to be active as of September 30, 2022.

Be sure to check back regularly for updates on all of the latest code releases.

Working codesReward
FROGGYBOAT50 Shark Teeth
RGBSHARK80 Shark Teeth
1BILLION100 Shark Teeth
SHARKBITE2200 Shark Teeth
SimonsSpace50 Shark Teeth

How to redeem SharkBite codes

Redeeming codes in Roblox SharkBiteAbracadabra / Roblox Corp.
Type the code into the bar carefully to redeem it.

Redeeming codes on Roblox’s SharkBite is relatively easy once you know where to look. It’s worth noting that the codes are case-sensitive so they should be put in exactly as written or they will come up as Invalid Codes.

  1. Head to the SharkBite page on Roblox and click the green button to launch the game
  2. Once you’re in, look for the blue Twitter icon on the left of your screen
  3. Then, in the empty box, add one of the codes
  4. Press ‘Redeem’ and you will get the Shark Teeth

All expired SharkBite codes in 2022

Expired codesReward
SHARKCAGE50 Shark Teeth
SHARKWEEK202050 Shark Teeth
20KDISCORD50 Shark Teeth
SKELETONS50 Shark Teeth
GHOSTS50 Shark Teeth
STEALTH50 Shark Teeth
LegendaryGun!50 Shark Teeth
NewShark50 Shark Teeth
EditShark50 Shark Teeth
NewGun50 Shark Teeth
mosasaurus50 Shark Teeth
SwimmingLizard50 Shark Teeth

What are codes in SharkBite used for?

As seen above, SharkBite codes are primarily for gaining Shark Teeth. These are the currency of SharkBite and can grant you boosts, items, and upgrades to both the shark and the boat depending on your role.

There you have it, that’s every code you need to know about SharkBite in Roblox for September 2022.

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