Roblox releases Summer 2023 developer roadmap: AI, Audio & more

Roblox Metaverse ThumbnailRoblox Corp

The Roblox team has just updated the official roadmap on the Dev Forum with a number of improvements to the API, new features, and more. Roblox Studio users have been waiting for a while for this functionality, which are set for deployment in the summer of 2023.

Roblox Studio provides developers with a suite of tools for making their own experiences, while also allowing players to customize the actions of their virtual characters. A large variety of materials and functionality relating to avatar motion, gesture, and more are often made available to creators.

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Roblox Corporation has developed their own Application Programming Interface (API) models that push the boundaries of experience creation at a time when the usage of AI technologies is on the rise.

In order to further strengthen the Roblox metaverse, the newest API has been released, allowing developers to include artificial intelligence-based functionality and the latest audio technologies into their avatars and experiences.

Roblox Facial AnimationsRoblox Corp
Users can now record their facial expressions and integrate it on their avatar in real-time

AI-based functions arriving to Roblox Studio

Early April 2023, the Roblox Dev Forum published a blog post in which they discussed upcoming changes to the API paradigm currently used by Roblox Studio creators. Recent months have seen the debut of a groundbreaking new feature in the game creation system: real-time face animations.

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Roblox now allows users to capture their own facial video from a camera and use it to add realistic expressions to their avatars in-game. To provide gamers with a more lifelike experience with their characters, the API will follow their every action and re-create it in 3D avatar form.

Developers are already testing a whole new Audio and Voice Chat functionality with lip motions that could radically expand the platform’s capabilities as the API roadmap continues to refine Roblox’s facial capture.

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Roblox Voice Chat featureRoblox Corp
Roblox users can now integrate their voices with facial animations in the new Voice Chat feature

Roblox soon to add Voice options to Avatar Chat

On April 23rd, Roblox launched tests of their latest update, Voice Chat for face animations, using the existing API with a few tweaks. Users will soon have a more lifelike experience communicating with other players when their avatars’ lips will move in perfect sync with their speech.

The beta version of the official page for Avatar Showcase is now available for everybody to try out the feature. While it may take the Roblox Dev team some time to refine the functionality and incorporate it effectively into the current API build, exciting new developments are on the horizon that will propel Roblox to the forefront of metaverse platforms.

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