All commands in Roblox Bedwars

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Roblox Bedwars is a challenging strategy game where you need to protect your bed while trying to destroy everyone else’s. While it’s tough, that can be made a little easier with our full list of commands.

Playing the perfect match in Bedwars within Roblox requires skill, strategy, communication, and some handy commands. Thankfully, if you and your friends want to customize your own match to make it easier or harder, there are some simple ways to help you out.

Commands in Bedwars essentially help you customize your own game and make it as fair or broken as you want it to be. Simply typing in a few words can allow you to change how the game is played and make it suit you perfectly, so here are all the available commands for Roblox Bedwars and how to use them.


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Alter your game with some useful commands.

What are Bedwars commands used for?

Bedwars commands are primarily used to affect gameplay and allow you to alter the experience to your liking.

They let you add in or delete items, as well as control the teams you play with and so much more. As long as you have a custom match-up and some willing players, you’ll be able to create a personalized match with all the times and disasters you want.

All Roblox Bedwars commands

One of the best things about Bedwars is the customizable matches. Simply creating a custom match and placing a few commands will change the game for better or worse, so make sure to take the following list with you into your next match:

Bedwars CommandEffect
/announce [insert what you want to say]Make an announcement to the other players
/bedwarsTakes you to the Bedwars lobby
/blacklistItem [insert item name]Disable an item from the shop
/cohost allLets all players co-host
/disablekit [insert kit name]Allows you to disable certain kits
/disaster [insert the desired disaster]Enables certain disasters to appear
/enchant [insert enchantment name_level]Grants you an enchantment and level
/give [insert username / team name then item and amount]Lets you give a specific item to a player
/gen helpGives you support for generators
/hubTeleports you to the hub
/islandsTakes you to the Roblox Islands
/kick [insert user name]Kicks a player from the game
/luckyairdropBrings in an air drop of lucky blocks to the map
/setTeam [insert username / team name]Creates specific teams
/setHealth [insert username / team name then amount]Sets the health of certain players
/sethealthregen [insert user name and amount]Allows you to regenerate a certain amount of health
/setac enabledEnable anti-cheat
/setac disabledDisable anti-cheat
/setgeneratormultiplier [insert amount]Sets the rate of the spawn generator multiplier
/setdeathmatchtime [insert time]Allows you to set the timer for a deathmatch
/shop helpGives you support for shops
/spawn [insert item name and amount]Allows you to spawn in items
/tpallTeleports all the players on your team to you
/tp [insert user name]Teleports you to the specific player
/tpbed [insert color]Teleports you to the colored bed
/togglespawn [insert item name and true or false]Lets you toggle the spawn of an item
/voidTeleports you to the void

How to use Bedwars commands

When entering into a custom Bedwars match, all you need to do is type the commands into the chat box and edit them to match your required selection, but note that commands can only be entered if you have co-hosting abilities within your game.

You will get co-hosting abilities if you create the custom game or if the host uses the command. Alternatively, you can head to the Host Panel, then click on Players. Once in that menu, you can select the action button of the player you want to make co-host. The selection to give co-host will be on the drop down menu.

Those are all the commands you can use in Roblox Bedwars. For all things Roblox, take a look at some of our other guides and code pages in our hub. Or, check out some of these:

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