Roblox adds strict new anti-cheat and hackers are mad about it

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The Byfron Anti-Cheat engine has been added to Roblox to stop hackers from leveraging exploits in the game. Players who want to employ third-party mods to enhance their Roblox experience were not enthusiastic about the update.

Roblox’s expansive metaverse is filled with active users having fun in their preferred games. The standard gameplay might grow dull, so users turn to third-party modifications to spice things up and cause havoc on the server.

Hackers have been a constant problem for dedicated gamers throughout the years, whether in the form of account theft or server crashes. In order to penetrate Roblox’s security measures, these hackers employ applications that are able to easily breach the platform’s firewall.

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Roblox partnered with Byfron last year to implement their anti-cheat engine, which blocks these types of hackers from playing the game, in an effort to combat this issue. However, now that it’s here, hackers are extremely mad about the same.

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While Roblox players are relieved, hackers seem worried

Hackers diss Roblox’s latest Anti-Cheat engine powered by Byfron

Byfron, the latest anti-cheat engine, is currently live and fully operational on Roblox. The anti-cheat box appears whenever a Roblox session is initiated, scanning the user’s computer for any third-party software that might harm the game and immediately blocks it.

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Roblox players, who have been dealing with hackers for years, are relieved by this update. A Reddit user who likes to play the game legitimately commented, “Exploiters who are more like modders (take for example, doors custom hard modes) in fact, have their days ruined.”

But, modders are concerned because they worry that even non-malicious third-party apps might get them banned. Defending the modding community, a user exclaimed, “I f**king hate the “hacker” stereotype that everyone who exploits ruins everyone’s day. Has it ever crossed their mind that we can make games MORE fun?”.

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In response, players who like to be on the fair side replied, “True, but for every ‘fun’ exploiter, there are thousands of others that just instakill the whole server or run around aim botting like cowards.” The statement comes as a strong response to hackers who basically exploit and crash the entire server with their malicious practices.

Moreover, a developer stated on the official forum that players who use an FPS unlocker or reshaders to modify their Roblox experiences will not be banned. They will only be issued for malicious applications that harm an experience or its players.

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While the controversy surrounding Roblox’s new anti-cheat feature continues to rage on, players are scrambling to remove any mods from their game files before they get banned and have their accounts suspended or deleted.

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