All Star Tower Defense tier list: Best fighters for May 2023

Artwork from Roblox's All Star Tower Defense gameRoblox / Top Down Games / Cogrin

All Star Tower Defense features tons of famous anime and cartoon characters to play as. Here they all are ranked by their tier lists.

As a Roblox world, All Star Tower Defense features varied gameplay that lets players control their favorite characters from a range of media, including Attack on Titan, Death Note, and many more. Of course, you can just play as your favorites, but if you want to get ahead of the competition in the game, then it pays to know which characters are the best.

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Below, we’ve listed all the current All Star Tower Defense tier lists that rank the characters in terms of their effectiveness in battle. Remember, the game is updated with new characters and moves frequently, so many characters are likely to fall and rise through the tiers on any given month.

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Artwork from the All Star Tower Defense game in RobloxRoblox / Top Down Games / Cogrin
All Star Tower Defense features lots of famous anime and cartoon characters for players to select.

All Star Tower Defense tier list explained (May 2023)

Below is a brief explanation of what each All Star Tower Defense tier represents:

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  • S+ tier: The very best characters you can choose in the current rankings.
  • S tier: Close to the very best in the rankings.
  • A tier: Although not the absolute strongest characters, they can still be devastating and are a cut above the rest.
  • B tier: These characters are still worth using but lag behind those in the A tier.
  • C tier: Only play as these characters if you really enjoy them.
  • D tier: These characters are currently considered the least powerful and should only be used for fun or by those who have mastered their moveset. However, the player will be at a disadvantage when compared to characters in higher tiers.

All Star Tower Defense S+ tier characters

Characters currently considered S tier include:

Character Stars Type
Stampede 7 Ground
Devil 7 Air
Vegu (Mind 2) 6 Ground/Air
Grinch 5 Ground
Mochi (Awakening) 7 Ground /Air
Ikki Potent (Awaken) 7 Ground
Worl (Air Power) 5 Ground
Metal Freezer 7 Ground
Dark2Dark 6 Ground
Kogan Adult (Beast) 7 Ground
Julian (King of Wizards) 6 Ground/Air
Pirate King 6 Ground
Killer S+ 6 Air
Raku (PowerUp) 6 Air
Koro F 3 7 Ground
TacoChita 6 Ground
Raizan 6 Ground
Zio (Ascended) 6 Ground
Skeleton (Artist) 6 Ground
God Black Fusion 6 Ground
Red Servant (Final) 6 Ground
King of Heroes 6 Ground/Air
Jeff (CEO) 6 Ground
Limilia (Ultimate) 6 Ground
Universe 1 6 Ground
Ikki (Dark) 6 Ground
Black Stache (Timeskip) 5 Ground
Star Boy (Requiem) 6 Ground/Air
Akasa (TS) 6 Ground
Lex (Rage) 6 Ground
The Pharaoh 6 Ground
Ruffy (Snake SSS) 6 Ground
Crow (After) 6 Ground/Air
Ice Queen B 6 Ground
The Strongest Curse 6 Ground
Sound-O-Sonic 6 Ground
Mysterious X (Void) 6 Ground
RE: One-1 5 Ground
The Path 6 Ground/Air
Golden Supreme-Leader 6 Air
Jokato Koju IV 6 Ground
Whitestache (Final) 6 Ground

All Star Tower Defense S tier characters

Characters currently considered S tier include:

Character Stars Type
Monkey Kong (Sage) 6 Ground
Hurdron The Mystic 6 Ground
Princess Appalla 7 Ground
Chainsawman 6 Ground
Ultimate Sorcerer 6 Ground
Vegu Blue Evolved 7 Ground
Beast Spawner 7 Ground/Air
Spade (Furious) 6 Air
Octo The Greedy 6 Ground
Freezer (Full) 6 Air
Insect 5 Ground
Whitestache (Prime) 6 Ground
Red Eye Warrior Path 6 Ground
Heaven Zio 6 Ground
Shadow Zio 6 Ground
Kosuke SS 7 Ground/Air
Godus 6 Ground
Socerer Evil 6 Ground/Air
Aqua Koku 6 Air
Mochi (Injured) 6 Ground
Jinjou 6 Ground
Fiend Siblings 6 Ground
Jujutsu Master 6 Ground
Baby Vegu 3 6 Air
Worl (Ultra) 6 Ground
Zorro (Serious) 6 Air
Uru (Master) 6 Air
Large Mother (Mad) 6 Ground/Air
Yoshaga Kiryu (Eat the dirt) 6 Ground
Oob (Fusion) 6 Ground
Zazashi (Perfection) 6 Ground
Mag (Bless) 6 Ground
Zaruto (Path) 6 Ground
Super God Koku 6 Air
Organs (Outrage) 6 Ground
Hirito (Omega) 6 Ground/Air
Anti Hero 6 Ground
Sky God 6 Ground/Air
Blue Satan 6 Ground
Dimensional Alien (Strong) 6 Ground
Flaming Tiger (JUSTICE) 6 Ground
Alexis (OMEGA) 6 Ground/Air
Raku 5 Ground
Monkey King 5 Ground
Koro F 2 6 Ground
Vegu 2 5 Ground/Air
Borul (Supa) 3 7 Ground
Semi Insect 6 Ground
Challenger Flaming Tiger 6 Ground
SkullEvolve 6 Ground
All Star Tower Defense characterRoblox / Top Down Games
Anime fans will love All Star Tower Defense.

All Star Tower Defense A tier characters

Characters currently considered A tier include:

Character Stars Type
Stampede (100%) 2 6 Ground
Zaruto SS 7 Ground
Divine Pride (Peak) 6 Ground
String Mage 6 Ground
Double 6 Ground
Legendary Leader 6 Ground/Air
The Nautical Gemfinder 5 Ground
Mochi 5 Ground
Mushi 5 Air
True Evil 5 Ground
Ikki Potent (Hollow) 6 Ground
Kosuke (Full Samurai 6 Ground/Air
Tokens 6 Ground/Air
Demonside (Ultimate) 6 Air
Echastia The Siren 6 Ground
Zero 6 Ground
Magma Marine (Timeskip) 6 Ground
God 6 Ground
Gen (Final) 6 Ground
Troy Honda (Engaged) 6 Air
Card Collector, Ci 6 Ground
Night Guy 8 6 Ground
Shirtless Devil 6 Ground
Alien Boss 6 Ground
Soul The Boy (Elite) 6 Ground
Koro F 5 Ground
Freezer 5 Air
ZYZZ 6 Air
God of Lighting 6 Ground
Sword Spirit 6 Ground/Air
Water Magician 6 Ground
Perfect Insect 7 Ground
Underwater God 6 Ground
Tomi 6 Ground

All Star Tower Defense B tier characters

Characters currently considered B tier include:

Character Stars Type
Stampede 2 6 Ground
Lupid 3 5 Ground
The Boys 6 Ground
Yor 6 Ground
Ikki Potent (Half Mask) 5 Ground
Expert Sorcerer 2 5 Ground
The Asura 6 Ground
Mr Vampire 6 Ground
Dark Ice Queen 6 Ground
Death 6 Ground
Vegu 4 (Alt) 6 Air
Spade (Explore) 5 Air
Super 71 6 Ground/Air
BOT 71 (Hell Fighter) 5 Ground
Erasure 6-Star) 6 Ground
Kura (Darkness) 6 Ground
The Grappler 6 Ground
Koku 4 (Alt) 6 Ground
Arthur 6 Ground
Kogan Adult (Supa 2) 5 Ground
The Big G 6 Ground
Toku 6 Air
Black Sun 6 Ground
Koko (Red Spirit x50) 6 Ground
Shark Ninha 6 Ground
Ice X-Marine 6 Ground/Air
Mikato (Beast Cloak) 6 Ground
Turles 6 Air
Elite Warrior 6 Ground
Masked Monster 6 Ground
Planter 6 Ground
MrFlimFlam 5 Air
Future Habri 6 Ground
Weaponize 5 Ground
Abarai6 5 Ground
Borul (SUPA) 2 6 Ground
Ring 5 Ground
Android 18 D 5 Ground
Souls Snatcher (Max) 6 Ground
Buddha Navy 6 Ground
Roblox tower defense animeRoblox / Top Down Games
All Star Tower Defense tiers are likely to change often.

All Star Tower Defense C tier characters

Characters currently considered C tier include:

Character Stars Type
G-Brothers 6 Ground
Airren (Final) 6 Ground
Erasure 5 Ground
Ice Queen (Hollow) 5 Ground
Car 5 Ground
Kogan Adult (Ultimate) 6 Ground
Devil (Shadow) 6 Ground
Second Hand 2 5 Ground
Scyllio the Sea-Dragon 5 Air
Ice Gryphon 5 Ground
Mollu The Monster 5 Ground
Lee Chun 6 Ground
Vegu (Alternative) 5 Air
Jizu 6 Ground
Orange Head 6 Ground
Nerg the Sea Giant 5 Ground
Early Kosuke 5 Ground
Early Zaruto 6 Ground
Zaruto (GRR 6) 6 Ground
Kosuke (Cursed) 6 Ground
Shield Master 6 Ground
Lightning Bolt 6 Ground
Ruffy (Huge) 6 Ground
Navy 6 Ground
Magma Marine (Pre) 5 Ground
Soul Snatcher 5 Ground
Jozu 6 Ground
Gankai 5 Ground
Raizan Second 5 Ground
Afro Samurai 5 Ground
Divine Wind 6 Ground
Koko (Red Spirit x5) 6 Ground
Koko (Red Spirit x25) 6 Ground
Alexis 5 Ground
Abarai 5 Ground
Borul (Supa) 5 Ground
Hero Slinger 6 Ground
Grag 5 Ground
Etri 5 Ground
Dragon Daughter 6 Ground
Metallic King 6 Ground
Erito 6 Ground
One-I (Split-Persona) 6 Ground
Captain Sparkle 6 Ground
Dark Wing 6 Ground
Dark Knight 6 Ground

All Star Tower Defense D tier characters

Characters currently considered D tier include:

Character Stars Type
Maiden Servant 6 Ground
Eyezen Boy’s 6 Ground
Calloway Storm 6 Ground
Demon Lord 6 Ground
Rukia (Captain) 5 Ground
Tatsu (Ice) 5 Ground
Oob 5 Ground
Old Will 6 Ground/Air
Dan Kouzo 6 Ground
Mechanical 6 Ground
Maid Waifu 6 Ground
Large Mother 6 Ground
Elemental (Ultimate) 6 Ground
Ghost Girl 6 Air
Club Beast 6 Ground
Box 6 Ground
Expert Sorcerer 6 Ground
Zaruto (GRR 3) 6 Ground/Air
Ruffy (Zambe) 6 Ground
Dungeon Queen 6 Ground
Shave 6 Ground
King Vegu 6 Ground

Remember, these tiers are likely to change with each update, so be sure to check back often.

So, there you have it – that’s our All Star Tower Defense characters tier guide.

For more Roblox-related tips and tricks, make sure to go through our various guides.

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