The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear Kit review – is it worth it?

An image of CAS items from the Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear kit with itemsEA / Maxis / Dexerto

The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear Kit brings a whole host of new CAS items to the game, allowing Simmers to inject even more color into their Sims’ wardrobes – but is it worth it?

With the release of Carnaval Streetwear, there are now a total of 10 Kits available to purchase to add more bite-sized, themed content into your world.

Inspired by Brazil’s Carnaval, The Sims 4 team worked alongside Brazilian drag queen and singer-songwriter, Pabllo Vittar to create gorgeous looks to give your Sims the chance to show off even more of their personality.

The CAS items available feature gorgeous textures, rich colors, and a whole host of styles to choose from. With over 20 new items to incorporate into your wardrobe along with 3 new Styled Looks, you’ll be able to take these items to the club, the beach, or even just out for a stroll around the neighborhood.

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The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear Kit – Key details

  • Price: $4.99 / £4.99
  • Developer: Maxis
  • Release date: February 3, 2022
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox

The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear Kit trailer

Versatile, boldly-colored CAS items to show off your style

Kits aren’t my favorite piece of content by any means (Bust the Dust Kit, anyone?), but I’m pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous items included in this DLC, following on from what was a mostly underwhelming offering of CAS items in the Modern Menswear Kit.

In Carnaval Streetwear, however, there’s plenty of variety included. The patterns and colors are electric, complete with designs of mermaid scales, tropical, leafy patterns, and a shirt that features color schemes of the Brazilian flag and various queer flags.

Sims on a rooftop barEA / Maxis / Dexerto
This new CAS item with the cut-out details is my favorite new item in the Kit.

While the two new eye makeups and the new bracelet aren’t something I’ll likely use personally, I can definitely see myself incorporating lots of these new pieces into my own Sims’ and townie wardrobes, particularly the stunning, long one-shoulder dress with cutouts (shown above).

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Masculine framed CAS items in The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear Kit

Images of the Feminine framed CAS items in The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear KitEA / Maxis
There’s lots of choice for both masculine and feminine frames here in The Carnaval Streetwear kit.

Overlooked details hold an otherwise good Kit back

Most of the items in Carnaval Streetwear are beautifully designed and look great across both masculine and feminine-framed Sims, but there’s still the all-too-familiar issue of fit that plague content throughout the title.

After comparing all of the new items across both frames, these issues only seem to be for feminine-framed Sims, where the clothes aren’t as smooth or are slightly bulkier in strange places compared to how they otherwise look.

Similarly, one particular item, a pair of shorts with a small belt bag, looks out of place against the rest of the higher-quality CAS selection of the Kit. When using it with the shirt shown below, the waist rise of the short is lowered, causing the already pixelated belt to look squished. I would have loved this piece if the belt and bag were an actual meshed item, rather than having it simply textured onto the piece itself. I doubt I’ll ever use this item in my game at all.

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For the price of £4.99/$4.99, I’d also have loved to have seen some new hairstyles, or footwear, too – as these were the first items I instinctively gravitated to want to check out when looking through the new content for the first time.

An image of CAS items in a Sims KitEA / Maxis
Common fit issues for some items in the Kit are still present.

Rating: 7.5/10

The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear Kit is a well-thought-out pack that serves as a great ode to the festival it references, providing well-designed, brightly-colored pieces to help Sims show off more of their personality. The collaboration with Pabllo Vitar, as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, is wonderful to see, and it’s fantastic that the team continues to work to expand and incorporate more communities and cultures into the game.

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However, ill-fitting items across feminine-framed Sims is something that still continues to be an issue, and low-resolution, flat textures for one of the items prevent this Kit from truly sparkling in the light like some of its CAS items do.

Reviewed on PC.