MrBeast Burger Shrek’s Quesadilla review: Not to be ogre-looked

mrbeast burger's shrek quesadillaMrBeast / Instagram

YouTube star MrBeast launched the latest item to grace his fast-food restaurant, MrBeast Burger, on March 15 — ‘Shrek’s Quesadilla.’ But is it worth the buy?

MrBeast Burger first launched in late 2020, marking one of the first major forays into the food industry for an internet personality.

Since then, the restaurant has scored a slew of major collaborations with other influencers, including Minecraft star ‘Dream’ and notable YouTube critic ‘MoistCr1TiKaL.’

Now, the chain has snagged a crossover of a different kind — this time with DreamWorks’ Shrek. (No, we’re not kidding.)

MrBeast Burger’s newest entree is named ‘Shrek’s Quesadilla.’ It’s a beef and cheese concoction lovingly wrapped in a spinach tortilla, lending it Shrek’s signature green coloring.

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Collaborations will generate fandom – that’s all well and good – but the real question is: How does it taste?

To be honest, it’s not exactly what we expected.

MrBeast Burger Shrek’s Quesadilla: The taste test

MrBeast Burger Boxes and BagDexerto
We gotta say, MrBeast Burger’s packaging is top of the line.

If I had to describe Shrek’s Quesadilla in a single phrase, it would be: “A double-patty cheeseburger in a tortilla.” If that’s your thing, then this is great — though we’re not sure we can accurately call it a ‘quesadilla.’

Rather than loose ground beef, the quesadilla boasts two highly-seasoned beef patties with cheese, pickles, and, of course, onions. (That’s kind of Shrek’s thing. Ogres have layers.)

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It feels like less of a quesadilla as we know it and more of a burger with a tortilla wrapping instead of a bun. That being said, I can’t deny that it’s quite flavorful. The seasoned patties are juicy and satisfying, the cheese is rich, and the veggies are crisp.

MrBeast Burger Quesadilla with FriesDexerto
Shrek’s Quesadilla is true-blue fast food in the best sense of the word.

Shrek’s Quesadilla does come with an ‘Impossible’ option for anyone interested in meat substitutes, which is a huge pro.

It’s also worth mentioning that Shrek’s Quesadilla is enormous. There’s enough food here for two entrees — at least, in this writer’s eyes, so make sure you’re good and hangry before committing to this meal.

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At $10.49, the price for Shrek’s Quesadilla is a bit steep for what it is – but it’s definitely a good one-off experience.

Rating: 7/10

This feels like something you’d get at a college basketball concession stand… but I can’t hate it. It’s tasty, it’s bad for my cholesterol — it’s true-blue fast food. However, for the price ($10.49), I’m not sure I can justify buying it again in the future.

Paired with some seasoned fries, this makes for a decent meal for a Saturday night gaming sesh. I give it a generous 7/10, with points for creativity.

MrBeast Burger is available on most delivery apps throughout the United States and the UK.

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