Dr Disrespect’s cherry Game Fuel flavor review: A drink fit for the Champions Club

Roccat/Game Fuel

Dr Disrespect’s new Mountain Dew Game Fuel flavor, Championship Citrus Cherry, completely sold out in 72 hours – and after acquiring a case for testing, it’s clear that this is a drink fit for the Champions Club.

The Two-Time has been sponsored by Game Fuel since May 2020, but it was only on April 5, 2022, that he finally revealed his own flavor: Championship Citrus Cherry.

Through various means, legitimate and otherwise, we were able to acquire a case of the limited edition drink while it was still in stock. 

So – does Doc’s Game Fuel live up to the hype?

Championship Citrus Cherry: More cherry than citrus

Bill Cooney/Dexerto
Delivered straight from the Arena to the Dexerto testing labs via hovercraft.

After being delivered, the cans were put on ice before being extensively tested over the weekend. Price-wise, a case of 12 costs $25 (just over $2 per can), all before taxes and shipping.

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Of course, though, the big question comes down to taste. If you’re a fan of Mountain Dew Code Red or PewDiePie’s sour G FUEL flavor, then prepare to be blown away by Championship Citrus Cherry.

Despite the name, citrus definitely seems to be more of an afterthought when it comes to taste. There’s definitely some hiding out in there, but it has a tough time cutting through the overwhelming cherry flavor. Not a bad thing, but if you were expecting a refreshing burst of lemon-lime… It’s not quite there.

It’s definitely fizzy but less so than a regular can of pop like Mountain Dew or Coca-Cola. What’s really impressive is the plastic seal on top. This does a great job of locking in and preserving the carbonation so you can drink a bit, throw it in the fridge, and come back to it. Even a day or two later, it will still taste like you just popped open the can.

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Performance boost worthy of Dr Disrespect?

Bill Cooney/Dexerto
Championship Citrus Cherry definitely looks more citrusy than it tastes.

Overall, there are no faults in the Championship Citrus Cherry when it comes to taste. Properly chilled, it goes down oh so smoothly.

But for a drink bearing the image of the back-to-back champ himself, flavor isn’t all we’re looking for. We also expect a boost in performance, worthy of the Two-Time.

Dr Disrespect’s Game Fuel is definitely a pick-me-up, but not enough where you’ll feel jittery after.

It doesn’t have a massive amount of caffeine, 90mg per can, which means it does the job whether you’re drinking it while gaming or out in the real world. By comparison, a Red Bull of the same size (16oz) packs 136mg.

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Bill Cooney/Dexerto
Championship Citrus Cherry also works nicely as a mixer (if you’re of age, of course).

So… Does the Championship Citrus Cherry improve performance while you’re gaming?

Tough to say exactly, but having Doc’s visage staring back at you from the can definitely makes it feel like the man himself is cheering you on as you frag out. That, mixed with the taste and caffeine, is exactly what you’re signing up for.

Rating: 9/10

Doc’s limited-time flavor, Championship Citrus Cherry, is getting nine firm handshakes out of 10. It’s great if you like cherry, as that side of the flavor definitely dominates like the streamer himself.

Ratings aside, whether you’re slapping around lobbies of chubby-cheeked little kids or cruising in your 1990 Lamborghini Diablo VT, Dr Disrespect’s Champion Citrus Cherry is certainly the drink of choice for the Champions Club elite.

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