Resident Evil Village DLC shortens Lady Dimitrescu’s height

resident evil lady dimitrescu heightCapcom

For Resident Evil Village’s The Mercenaries update, Capcom developers had to shorten Lady Dimitrescu’s height for her debut as a playable character.

Despite Ethan Winters’ return and the promise of werewolves and other creatures of the night, the discourse in the lead-up to RE Village’s release centered on Lady Dimitrescu.

The Vampire Lady’s towering height especially took the internet by storm, as she stood an incredible 9 feet, 6 inches tall.

Because she became such a sensation, few were surprised when Capcom announced that Lady D would join the cast of playable characters for The Mercenaries mode.

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Lady Dimitrescu’s height reduced for Resident Evil Village update

RE Village’s update for The Mercenaries will come bundled with the Winters’ Expansion on Friday, October 28. Notably, those who drop into The Mercenaries can expect to assume the role of three additional characters – Lady Dimitrescu, Heisenberg, and Chris Redfield.

The latter two will play differently than Ethan, but shouldn’t prove too difficult to manage overall. But, as one would expect, Lady Dimitrescu adds a new level of complexity – and not just for players.

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Speaking to Polygon, the Winters’ Expansion Game Director, Kento Kinoshita, divulged that “Lady Dimitrescu’s height brought up a lot of challenges during development.”

Since users should be able to easily control their character in Mercenaries, the team reduced Lady D’s “height to a little under nine feet tall.” This adjustment worked well enough to ensure that players “barely” avoid bumping up against the ceiling.

resident evil lady dimitrescu heightCapcom
In Mercenaries, Lady D will stand just under nine feet tall.

In addition to The Mercenaries update, RE Village’s $20 Winters’ Expansion will also boast the Shadows of Rose DLC and Third-Person Mode.

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Shadow of Rose stars Ethan’s daughter all grown-up and eager to rid herself of a curse. Meanwhile, the Third-Person Mode will allow players to explore the nightmarish world from a different perspective.

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