Resident Evil 4 1.05 update patch notes: Speedrunning glitch removed & bug fixes

Resident Evil 4 Remake Leon with AshleyCapcom

The latest Resident Evil 4 remake patch has arrived fixing a selection of bugs and balancing the game further – much to the woe of speedrunners everywhere.

Resident Evil 4‘s 1.05 patch has now dropped with the update fixing some of the game’s graphical issues on Xbox and various other bugs that have been identified by players since The Mercenaries free DLC was released. While the update balances the game and makes lots of positive changes, there will be one contingent of players lamenting the release of patch 1.05.

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That group is the speedrunning community who’ve been using a nifty trick that allows Leon to phase through a wall and skip a chunk of the game. Not only did this help speed runs, but it also made it much easier to beat the game in less time to unlock guns like the Handcannon or the Chicago Sweeper. Alas, these endgame guns will now need to be unlocked in the traditional way.

Leon’s ready for business in the RE4 remake.

RE4 Remake Update 1.05 Patch Notes

Here are the full patch notes for the Resident Evil 4 remake update 1.05:

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PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X|S / Steam

An issue where certain key items become unobtainable, preventing the player from progressing through the main story, has been fixed.

An issue causing players to warp through walls when using the scope in certain areas has been fixed.

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PS5 / PS4

Incorrect text displaying for certain trophy explanations in some languages has been fixed.
(Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish)

Xbox Series X|S

An issue preventing the game from launching when downloadable content has been installed and an account with content restrictions is logged in has been fixed.

Fixes to the stick dead zone (the range in which the controller’s sticks don’t respond to movement) made on April 7 have been further adjusted.

Changes to the graphics rendering process made on April 7 have been readjusted.

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PS5 / PS4 / Xbox / Steam

Various other miscellaneous bug fixes.

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