How to watch Resident Evil Showcase: Date, time, trailer & more

Resident Evil ShowcaseCapcom

Capcom has announced that another Resident Evil Showcase will be gracing our screens soon. Here’s how you can watch it and what they will be announcing.

Resident Evil has plenty of exciting news on its horizon, from the Resident Evil 4 remake coming soon to the new Winters’ Expansion rapidly approaching. Now, Capcom has announced they will, yet again, be hosting a live event to explore all they’ve been working on and what’s to come.

We’ve compiled when the showcase is happening, how you can watch it, and what is likely to be included so you’re completely prepared for when it starts. Here’s everything we know about the next Resident Evil Showcase.

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Resident Evil Village GoldCapcom
The Gold Edition of Resident Evil Village will be showcased on October 20, 2022.

Starting date and time

Announced through the Resident Evil Twitter page, the Resident Evil Showcase will be happening on October 20, 2022. It will take place at 3 pm PDT or 6 pm EDT.

Capcom hasn’t confirmed how long the show will go on for, but it’s expected to announce a fair few exciting elements throughout.

Resident Evil Showcase trailer

With the announcement of the event, Capcom released the trailer, highlighting what will be included and showing some undeniably memorable characters. You can watch it below:

What’s included?

As told by the trailer, the Showcase event will bring fans their first look into never before seen gameplay along with the highly anticipated Winters’ Expansion.

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On top of that, players will witness the brand-new trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil 4.

While that may be the only announced content of the show, it’s likely we’ll see plenty of unique content and conversations with the game creators.

Where to watch the Resident Evil Showcase

If you want to tune into the live event on October 20, then you can do so by heading to the Resident Evil Twitch channel, or by going to their Youtube channel on the day of the event.

That’s all we currently know about the upcoming Resident Evil Showcase, but when more information is announced we will update this article so be sure to check back soon.

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