Lady Dimitrescu face model finally reveals herself with killer Resident Evil Village cosplay

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The face model for Resident Evil Village character Lady Dimitrescu has been revealed as Helena Mankowska – and she’s even cosplayed as the iconic ‘tall vampire lady’.

Capcom’s latest entry into the Resident Evil franchise, Village, introduced some pretty terrifying enemies like the fish-human hybrid Moreau and the doll-wielding Beneviento, but none of them have captured the imagination of fans quite like Lady Dimitrescu.

Standing tall at a whopping 9 feet and 6 inches, the glamorous lady stalks the player around the gothic Castle Dimitrescu in the build-up to the game’s first boss fight, flinging insults like “stupid man-thing” and “disgusting outsider” at them.

With a hugely passionate following, Resident Evil fans had spent months speculating who stood in as the face model for Lady Dimitrescu. Now, it’s finally been confirmed that their prediction was correct – she’s a model named Helena Mankowska.

Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters
Lady Dimitrescu can make short work of the Ethan if you’re not careful.

Lady Dimitrescu’s face model is Helena Mankowska

Model, actor, and stunt double Helena Mankowska confirmed that she is indeed the face model for Lady Dimitrescu in a post on Instagram, where she celebrated being part of a “wonderful community” that has welcomed her with kind words.

“I am so happy that finally I can share with you the news. As you all figured out long before RE8 was even released, my face was digitally captured some time ago to portray this beloved tall vampire lady mommy character,” she wrote.

Helena took things one step further than just a reveal, though, as she actually cosplayed as the iconic lady herself. After all, who could possibly be better to bring Alcina Dimitrescu to life than the very person she was modeled on?


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A post shared by Helena Mankowska (@helenamankowska)

In the dimly lit pictures, Helena dons the same glamorous outfit that Lady Dimitrescu wears in the game. Pearl necklace? Check. Oversized hat? Check. Menacing stare? Double-check.

It genuinely looks like she’s stepped out of the game and into real life.


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A post shared by Helena Mankowska (@helenamankowska)

“So, we FINALLY meet,” she wrote in the caption – and if you’re hoping for extra photos of this brilliant Lady Dimitrescu cosplay, Helena teased that there will be “more to come” soon, so keep an eye out over the next few days.

Fun fact: Helena previously appeared in Paradise Hills as a stunt double for Milla Jovovich, who was the star of the popular live-action Resident Evil movies. Small world, isn’t it?

If you’re not already on the hype train, check out our Resident Evil Village review to see why we called it a “Game of the Year contender” and gave it a perfect 10 rating.

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