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Resident Evil Village

Dr Disrespect makes big mistake with The Baby in Resident Evil Village

Published: 12/May/2021 15:38

by David Purcell


Dr Disrespect paints a picture of being the cold as ice, fearless, two-time, back-to-back champion of the streaming world – so stepping into the horror world of Resident Evil Village should be a breeze. But, it didn’t all go to plan during his playthrough. 

It’s been well documented that Resident Evil’s newest major villain is Lady Dimitrescu, who towers over every other character in the game and also Doc himself, who stands at 6 feet and 8 inches.

There’s been a lot of anticipation in the online video game community to see a clash of these two giants, but his second YouTube stream on Village wasn’t quite that.


The variety streamer is usually knee-deep into Warzone and other FPS games, but on May 11 he decided to mix things up for his audience again. Capcom’s latest game was on the menu, and little did he know a hungry little kid wanted to order him for dinner.

Resident Evil Moreau
Resident Evil Village has a number of strange enemies to bypass.

Dr Disrespect’s Resident Evil Village stream

Roaming around the Beneviento Manor level, Dr Disrespect found himself rooting through various rooms for items.

Then, he started to notice cradles on the floors, and a lot of dolls. This was a baby’s room, but it was no ordinary baby. It was a mutant with a big mouth, and ready to attack. After being chased around from corridor to corridor, room to room, all with a small light in front of him as a guide – the streaming star made the ultimate mistake.


As its giggle echoed around, he said: “Yeah, we need to get the hell out of here,” before rushing to a door. “Dead end, no! Ugh.”

(Timestamp at 2:15:37 in the video below)

Moments later, before there was even a chance to escape, Dr Disrespect realized the place he’d led the baby to was a dead end. Once he had tried the door to no avail, the leader of the Champions Club turned around to hear the cackle of the mutant nearby. It cornered him, and you know what happens next.

Doc is not the only streamer to have been playing Resident Evil Village since it launched on May 7, 2021. xQc, Corpse Husband, LIRIK and other high profile names have been giving it a go too.


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