Best Resident Evil Village mods: A playable Chris Redfield and Lady Dimitrescu as Thomas the Tank

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Resident Evil Village mods

Resident Evil Village may have only just released, but that hasn’t stopped players from modding in their own content to the game. These are five of the best Resident Evil Village mods you can download now. 

From the glamorous corridors of Castle Dimitrescu to the doll-filled room of the Beneviento house, Resident Evil Village is not for the faint of heart. Whether Lady Dimitrescu has you running scared or you just wish to change up your next playthrough, there are plenty of mods that will enable you to switch up the game’s characters and visuals. 

Capcom’s survival horror titles have always received fantastic mod support from the community, so it didn’t take long for players to turn their eyes towards Resident Evil Village. While most mods have purely been made for comical effect, there are a few that aim to keep things fresh long after you’ve completed Ethan Winters’ latest creepy quest. 

Lady Dimitrescu as Thomas the Tank Engine

Lady Dimitrescu Thomas the Tank Engine mod
Who needs sleep anyway?

Download link

If Resident Evil Village’s tall vampire lady isn’t terrifying enough, then why not transform her into Thomas the Tank Engine? Yes, this horrific mod pastes the facial features of the “really useful engine” onto Lady Lady Dimitrescu, transforming the glamorous lady into a horrifying human/train hybrid. Thomas’s eerie smile and unblinking stare certainly send shivers down our spine.

Daughters of YoRHa

Resident Evil Village 2B mod
2B or not 2B?

Download link

Lady Dimitrescu isn’t the only one that stalks the dimly lit corridors of Castle Dimitrescu – in fact, she has three daughters who are also keen to take a bite or two out of Ethan. This terrifying trio is made up of Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela. Despite their insatiable first for blood, the three daughters have a keen eye for fashion. 

As the name suggests, the daughters of YoRHa mod replaces their elegant black dresses with 2B’s iconic outfit. Whether you’re a fan of Nier Automata or still reeling from Nier Replicant, then this mod is a must-have. 

Customizable FoV and vignette fix

Customizable FOV Resident Evil Village
Customize your FoV with this handy Resident Evil Village mod.

Download link

While this mod may not change any of the Resident Evil Village’s characters or shake up the onscreen action, it does fix one of the game’s more egregious areas. Fortunately, this handy mod enables players to customize their FoV. Not only does having a higher field of view enable you to see more on-screen, but it can also help clear up any motion sickness problems that arise from higher zoom levels. 

This mod also comes packed with a vignette slider, which can be tweaked to lessen the dark lighting around the edges of the screen. This is particularly helpful for those that wish to really soak up the environments without having to drastically adjust their brightness settings

Playable Chris Redfield

Playable Chris Redfield Resident Evil Village
A lot of mystery surrounds Chris Redfield in Resident Evil Village.

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Chris Redfield has long been a fan-favorite character in Resident Evil, but the BSAA operative has taken a backseat in recent years. Just like in Resident Evil 7, Ethan Winters is the star of the show in the latest sequel. Despite this, one savvy modder has replaced Ethan’s in-game model with that of Chris Redfield. 

His motives in Resident Evil Village aren’t immediately apparent, but one thing is always certain, this battle-hardened operative certainly knows a thing or two about flesh-eating monsters. 

Merchant costume for Duke

Duke Merchant costume
What’re ya sellin’?

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Resident Evil Village’s larger-than-life merchant sells everything from deadly weaponry, game-changing upgrades, and permanent stat boosts. If you’re looking to survive the horrors that inhabit Village, then you’ll need to pay Duke a visit. Like most of Resident Evil’s merchants, the Duke is shrouded in mystery. 

While details surrounding this jovial fellow may be scarce, we do know that he is friends with Resident Evil 4’s Merchant. In fact, Duke even quotes his iconic phrase: “What’re ya buyin’?” when the player interacts with him. This mod replaces Duke’s regular costume and kits him out with the Merchant’s hooded black cloak. 

There you have it, five of the best Resident Evil Village mods you can download right now. For more news and guides, be sure to check out our Resident Evil Village page.

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