Red Dead Redemption 2: How to start a Posse in Red Dead Online

David Purcell

Not everybody likes to ride solo on their horse as they make their way around Red Dead Online. If you would like to form a posse with your friends, this guide should help you along the way. 

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What is a posse? 

A posse is an online ‘gang’ in which players can work together to achieve the same common objectives in multiplayer, and having that support can be really useful to have online. 

You just never know when your next battle or adventure is going to start, so why not have your friends or other people around you to help out. There is the option of joining somebody else’s posse, or starting your own, and that’s where this guide comes in. 

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How do I start a posse? 

To start a posse, you’re going to need to choose which type of posse you’re looking to create. You can create a persistent posse, almost like a clan from other games, where you’re part of that group for a sustained period of time. 

Or, alternatively, you can choose to start a temporary posse which will be active for as long as you’re in a particular session. It’s also worth mentioning that a persistent posse will set you back $200 dollars of in-game currency. 

To start one, all you have to do is press the left side of the D-Pad and that should bring up the menu screen. From there, select posses and then the X or square button on your controller to start it up. 

JumpmanGerm, YouTubeRed Dead Online’s Create a Posse menu.
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Click Players, then tap R1 or RB in the menu. This will allow you to see a list of your friends. Hit Free Roam, Players and Invite to Session. Once you have sent out invites and they have been accepted, your soon-to-be posse members will be in your game. 

Press left on the D-Pad, again, and select the Posse option. Then, hit X or square to form the posse. After that step is complete, head back to the Players menu and add your teammates. 

What are the benefits of being in a posse?

The benefits of being in a posse are simple. It gives you and your friends the chance to complete tasks and objectives together, which can be a lot more fun than just playing solo. ‘Two hands are better than one,’ as the old expression suggests, and it definitely applies here as you can all earn XP together.

You don’t necessarily need to be involved in a persistent posse to enjoy the benefits either, giving you the choice of who to play with when you choose.