Red Dead Online May 4 update adds big bonuses to Hunters & Free Roamers

. 1 year ago
Rockstar Games

A brand-new update has hit Red Dead Online, and Rockstar Games has added an ample amount of bonuses for Hunters and Free Roamers. Here’s all you need to know!

Red Dead Online has been a massive success among players since it was released as a separate entity a few months ago. Rockstar Games has been reliable when it comes to updating the game, and this time around they are adding multiple incentives for fans currently enrolled as Hunters or Free Roamers.

As well, they are going to be offering double the amount of RDO$ for certain missions; along with more discounts on certain clothing items and other consumables. Here’s all you need to know about the latest Red Dead Online update.

May 4th Red Dead Online update
Rockstar Games
Hunters have received extra bonuses this update!

What’s new in Red Dead Online’s latest update?

Rockstar has announced some great changes coming to Red Dead Online in their latest Newswire post. One of the significant changes includes the additional XP players will be able to gather for hunting Legendary Animals.

For simply bringing a carcass to Gus’ Store you will be rewarded with Fast Travel Rewards and a Snowy Egret Plume. As well, if you fancy your hand at crafting a trinket or a coat then you will receive an additional 40% discount on Established or Distinguished Naturalist Item.

Gus' Store Crafting
Rockstar Games
What trinkets will you craft this time around?

Naturalists are also in store for some rewards, as they will be granted 1,000 Naturalist XP and 5 Animal Revivers for simply logging in!

One of the biggest highlights of any Red Dead Online patch is the ample amount of discounts within the in-game store.

Here are all the new discount items players will be able to check out this week!

  • Wilderness camp – 40% off
  • Fast travel post – 30% off
  • Rifles – 30% off
  • Coats – 30% off
  • Tonics – 30% off at Harriet’s
  • Improved bow variants – 30% off at Gus’ Store
  • Trinkets – 30% off at Gus’ Store
  • Gauntlets – 30% off at Gus’ Store
  • Blankets – 50% off at stables
  • Horns – 50% off at stables
  • Bedrolls – 50% off at stables
  • American Paint horse – 40% off
  • Andalusian horse – 40% off

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