Red Dead Online July 13 update: Blood Money DLC, patch notes & more

Red Dead Online update JulyRockstar Games

Red Dead Online’s July 13 Blood Money update has arrived and it’s giving players a chance to get their hands dirty to earn some extra cash.

Whenever a Red Dead Online patch is announced, the game’s community gets incredibly excited and begins preparing for the new content to arrive.

As expected, the July 13 Blood Money update is no different, and with new Crimes & Opportunity missions, fresh cosmetics for The Quick Draw Club, and various bug fixes, there’s plenty for players to get stuck into.

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So, without further ado, let’s rundown exactly what Rockstar has added to the game in the July 13 update.

Red Dead Online July 13 patch notes

Red Dead Online updateRockstar Games
The latest Red Dead Online update has added new missions to the game.

New Red Dead Online content

  • Red Dead Online expands with Blood Money, including new missions called Crimes and Opportunities. To get started, visit Guido Martelli in Saint-Denis.
  • Update also includes Pamphlets and clothing items available for purchase, the Nominated Series, new Daily Challenges and Awards, improvements to the Free Roam Mission Giver menu, and more.
  • The Quick Draw Club is a series of four distinct rapid-fire passes in consecutive installments as part of the Blood Money update. The Quick Draw Club No. 1 is available to purchase for 25 Gold Bars today through August 9th.
  • The Quick Draw Club passes include a variety of new cosmetics including gun wraps, horse manes, studio backdrops, and more.
  • Crimes are new missions in Free Roam. Visit Anthony Foreman, James Langton, Sean Maguire, or Joe in Free Roam to play Crimes.
  • Several new awards have been added to Red Dead Online along with several existing Awards receiving updates.
  • Several new Daily Challenges have been added to Red Dead Online along with several existing Daily Challenges receiving updates.
  • Several new clothing items have been added for male and female characters to Red Dead Online: The Haraway Outfit, The Rebellion Poncho, The Torras Poncho, The Pacific Union Cap (unlocked after completing the Covington Emerald Opportunity on the Ruthless difficulty), The Hired Gun Kit (available from the Fence)

Gameplay Improvements

  • Nominated Series now allows players to ‘Nominate’ specific modes and maps, and join a Series made up of ones nominated by other players in that Series.
  • Red Dead Online will no longer be supported on Windows 7. Red Dead Online will still run on Windows 7 in the same manner that it does now, and new updates will be downloadable, but any new Windows 7 specific bugs that are discovered will not be addressed.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online will now offer Nvidia DLSS to all Windows users with NVIDIA graphics cards. Please note that this only applies to graphics cards capable of performing DLSS.

Bug fixes

The update included a variety of bug fixes which can be found on Rockstar’s official patch note release. These included improvements to matchmaking & networking, gameplay, awards & daily challenges as well as items, clothing & emotes.

Red Dead Online July 13 update cosmetics

Gaming insider and leaker Tez2 has given Red Dead Online fans a sneak peek at some of the outfits arriving in the July 13 update. These will likely be available for players who buy the latest Quick Draw Club pass.

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The new cosmetics include a mask, a hat, a belt, and a sleek black outfit.

Red Dead Online July 13 update download size

As with any new content drop, players want to get into game as quickly as possible but they’ll need to download the patch first. Luckily, according to Tez2, the download sizes for each platform don’t appear to be too big, you can check them out below:

  • PS4: 5.6 GB
  • Xbox: 5.2 GB
  • PC: 5.57 GB

So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about the July 13 Red Dead Online content update. Don’t forget to try out the new missions and pick yourself up some new cosmetics with all the money you earn!

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