Red Dead Redemption 2 adds new “Gun Rush” battle royale mode

Matt Porter

Rockstar have released a new update for Red Dead Redemption 2 that introduces a brand new battle royale gamemode to the game’s online beta.

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Red Dead Online’s newest update officially went live on Thursday, January 10, bringing with it a new way to play Rockstar’s wild west inspired title.

The mode called “Gun Rush” is a clear nod to the battle royale phenomenon that has swept through the gaming industry thanks to titles play PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and Epic Games’ smash hit Fortnite Battle Royale.

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While most battle royale games featuring anywhere from 60 to 100 players, Red Dead Online’s Gun Rush is much lower, with a maximum of 32 players being able to to go head to head at one time.

The mode can be played as a single player or as part of a four man squad, although there is currently no duos option like other battle royale titles.

In Gun Rush, players will “put their survival instincts to the test, gathering weapons and ammunition while the play area shrinks,” much like Fortnite.

Gun Rush can be played as a solo or with a squad.
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Alongside the introduction of the new game mode, Rockstar also revealed some changes that they hope to implement in future updates, such as daily challenges, upgrades to the Law and Bounty systems and changes to the Parley system.

Red Dead Online is currently in a beta phase, as Rockstar attempt to smooth out issues and glitches in the game before they officially roll it out later in 2019.

Gun Rush was released as part of an update on January 10, and is available to play on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 right now.