RDR2 players slam Rockstar for “abandoning” game after #SaveRedDeadOnline pleas

RDR2 Red Dead Online group screenshot.Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption players aren’t happy after Rockstar revealed how it plans to supports the game, making fans  believe the devs have “abandoned” the title after the viral #SaveRedDeadOnline trend spurned conversations.

Rockstar unveiled how it plans to handle its slate of games in the coming months, while also confirming that some talent from both GTA Online and Red Dead Online have been moved to GTA 6’s development.

While RS revealed ample amounts of changes for GTA Online that will directly target quality of life features that players have been asking for, it also seemingly confirmed to the RDO community that it shouldn’t hold its breath for meaningful content updates.

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“Imagine creating one of the most beautiful, immersive and detailed games ever and then completely fucking it up and abandoning it for no reason other than it doesn’t make the amount of pennies that GTA Online does,” one Redditor said.

Rockstar Games
Red Dead Online have rallied for more content to the game with the #SaveRedDeadOnline trend.

Though the company said it would still improve upon Specialist Roles, Showdowns and Telegram Missions, the devs also confirmed this would be in lieu of major themed content updates.

“We all thought RDRO was dead. Rockstar confirms it,” another player said.

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People pointed out how the game has already been on life-support with these “one-off” Telegram missions, so the promise for more of the same content wasn’t exactly what the people wanted to hear.

This comes nearly two months after Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick recognized the viral #SaveRedDeadOnline trend and told IGN the Rockstar was “planning” on long-term support for the title.

Red Dead fans were disappointed by the apparent conflicting messages from the publisher and studio that all but confirmed their beliefs.

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“They’re saying ‘stop bothering us about updates’ without saying it,” another person wrote. “It is what it is unfortunately #SaveRedDeadOnline.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Rockstar leaves RDRO players with closure on loose ends, some pointed to unresolved business with Grace Lancing, or long-requested features like releasing servers to give modders a chance to tweak the game.

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